A Very Good Dentifrice
To Ensure Oral Hygiene

Dr. E. F. Block IV
August 2011

Oral hygiene is very important in ensuring optimum health. This formula that I put together has served me well for lo these many years. I thought that you, the reader, would like to enjoy the surety that it brings. The ingredients are inexpensive, easy to obtain, mix and use. At first the taste is a bit strong & bitter but one soon gets used to it and gives no bother. Here are the formula ingredients: 2 parts Sodium Bicarbonate powder, 1 part ground Cinnamon, 1 part ground Clove and 2 parts ground Neem bark or more easily obtained powdered Neem leaf. To mix the ingredients, use a mortar and pestle to grind the ingredients together until smooth with no large pieces evident. The use of 1 teaspoon for each part makes for a good quantity to keep in a covered jar near your toothbrush. A very small amount is all that is needed at any one time. Remember to always use a soft bristle on your brush to keep from wearing away the enamel of your teeth.

If you use this formula and brush your teeth after every meal, you will never have bad breath and absolutely no sign of any periodontal disease. The ingredients are combined to cool the mouth, reduce oral bacteria, stimulate healing of the gums and to stabilize a healthy pH balance in the mouth. The author uses this dentifrice as the only means of maintaining optimum oral hygiene. Make your own batch and stop buying that expensive toothpaste!

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