A Review Of "The Macrocosm Within"

This work is excitingly unique and breaks new ground in several areas of human endeavor. The common thread which weaves between Astrobiology, Astrology, Metaphysics, Psychology, Qi, and Yoga is brilliantly demonstrated to be the manner in which the Central Nervous System is "hardwired".

The theme of common elements which are based upon neurophysiology is detailed and then correspondences with and between the above disciplines are discussed. Each is shown to say more or less the same thing but in different terms due to cultural context.

A review of the most important written works describing ideas, concepts and research dealing with the Subtle Energies of Man are presented in order to let the reader know that being "Sensitive" is a natural state of being.

The basis of the Subtle Energies are described and theories to account for them are discussed. The manner in which the Subtle Energies flow and provide basis for growth, development and creative expression are detailed.

This landmark book is a must for every student of the essential nature of beingness!

The Macrocosm Within

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