"The Journal of Informational Medicine"

formerly known as "The Journal of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine"

An Interdisciplinary Journal Concerning Studies on the Theoretical Basis and Expression
of Bioresonance Within the Backdrop of Informational Medicine

Dr. Edward F. Block IV, Editor

Published by the Block Institute for Astrobiological Studies
Dr. Edward F. Block IV, Managing Director

Issue One, January 2000

  1. "The Corresponding Field and Energy Elements of Acupuncture, Yoga and Bioelectromagnetic Medicine",
    E. F. Block IV
  2. "Psychoneuroimmunology as the Mind-Body-Healing Paradigm of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine", E. F. Block IV
  3. "Discussions on the Interference of Cellular Metabolism by Electromagnetic Field Exposure", E. F. Block IV
  4. "Fundamental Elements of the Field Components of the Human Aura", E. F. Block IV

Issue Two, July 2000

  1. Burkhard Heim's Unified Quantum Field Theory
  2. Resonance-the Primordial Principle of Life
  3. Resonator Quality and Superconduction of Cellular Components
  4. Solitons-Solitary Wave Packets
  5. Water As An Information Store
  6. Ultrafine Biocybernetics
  7. The Bandpass-a Therapy Window
  8. Bibliography

Issue Three, January 2001

  1. "Concepts Of Homeostasis", E. F. Block IV
  2. "Solar System Interplanetary Electromagnetic Field Matrix and the Biological Clock", E. F. Block IV

Issue Four, July 2001

  1. "A Rapid, Simple, Low-Cost Radioreceptor Assay for Serotonin with FemtoMolar Sensitivity", E. F. Block IV
  2. "Pattern Lines Of The Life Field (Burr)", Marion W. Dowler

Issue Five, January 2002

  1. "The Myth and Reality of Energy Medicine", E. F. Block IV

Issue Six, July 2002

  1. "A Theoretical Basis for the Origin of the Subtle Fields & Energies of the Human Aura", E. F. Block IV

Issue Seven, January 2003

  1. "Discussions On The Theoretical And Practical Uses Of The Various Electronic Devices Utilized In Bioelectromagnetic Medicine", E. F. Block IV

Issue Eight, July 2003

  1. "Effect Of Electric Fields On The Blood Of Rat-SPRAGUE DAWLEY", Manisha Mukewar and V.V. Baile
  2. "EAV - Electroacupuncture According To Dr. Reinhold Voll", E. F. Block IV

Issue Nine, January 2004

  1. "The Philosophy of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine", E. F. Block IV
    • Introduction to Medical Schemas
    • Energy Dynamics for Bioelectromagnetic Medicine
    • A Modern Schema for Bioelectromagnetic Medicine
  2. "Effects of Softening Mass Capsule on Protein in the Urine of C-BSA-Induced Nephritis Rabbit Models", Zhong Baisong, Shi Jingpin, Changke Zhou Xiaopin, Qiu Yu, Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, China

Issue Ten, July 2004

  1. "The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts", E. F. Block IV

    Clinical And Research Studies:

  2. "Biological Effects of Electric Fields on Spleen and Liver of Rat", Manisha Mukewar and V.V. Baile, Department of Zoology, Nagpur University, Nagpur-440033 (India)

Issue Eleven, January 2005

  1. "Discussions on Correspondences Between Oriental and Occidental Medicine", E. F. Block IV

Issue Twelve, July 2005

  1. "The Use of Biofeedback in the Application of a Bioelectromagnetic Treatment Modality", E. F. Block IV

Issue Thirteen, January 2006

  1. "The Basis of Clinical Diagnosis in Bioelectromgnetic Medicine", E. F. Block IV

Issue Fourteen, July 2006

  1. "Light Therapy", E. F. Block IV

Issue Fifteen, January 2007

  1. "The Common Ground Between Eastern and Western Medicine", E. F. Block IV

Issue Sixteen, July 2007

  1. "Gaining An Understanding Of The Physical Principles That Are The Basis of Bioelectric Medicine", W. J. Shimmin

Issue Seventeen, January 2008

  1. "The Possible Relationship Between Food Preparation Methods and Human Health", E. F. Block

Issue Eighteen, July 2008

  1. "The Three Free Therapies", E. F. Block
  2. "Water: The Essential Substance Of Life", E. F. Block

Issue Nineteen, January 2009

  1. "What Can You Do About Electromagnetic Pollution?", E. F. Block

Issue Twenty, July 2009

  1. "Concepts Related to Health For the Human Primate Organism and the Secrets to Maintaining Optimum Health", E. F. Block

Issue Twenty-One, January 2010

  1. "The Human Body Field", E. F. Block

Issue Twenty-Two, July 2010

  1. "Low-Level Laser Acupuncture Treatment In The Clinical Application Of The Five Shu Points", E. F. Block

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  • Journal Purpose
    1. To offer a forum for those interested in the origin, generation and evolution of the biological fields and energies attendant to the matter which is organized to make up the physical human body.
    2. To offer a forum for the analysis and description of the biological fields and energies of human kind in all of its subtleties and complexities.
    3. To offer a forum for the collection of the jargon of the various scientific disiplines and the eventual agreement as to terms used to deal with biological fields and energies which will encompass all disiplines.
  • Journal Sections
    1. Biology
    2. Biochemistry
    3. Biophysics
    4. Clinical Research
  • Call For Papers
    1. A call for papers to be published via these webpages as content for the the journal is extended to all interested parties.
    2. Interested parties may contact Dr. E. F. Block IV for editorial and any other matters. Address:
      Dr. E. F. Block IV
    3. All works submitted shall be the sole property of the the journal unless by special arrangement.
    4. There shall be no charges for publication and no disbursements for same.
    5. No liability for content shall be afixed to the journal.
    6. All content shall be copyright with all rights apertaining thereto by The Journal of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine unless by special arrangement.


    That there are fields and energies attendant to the physical body, no-one will refute. These fields/energies range from those related to the atoms and molecules which comprise the material form of the body to the aura which surrounds the body like a shell. Various cultural expressions to explain these fields/energies and their movements are the Meridians of Chinese Acupuncture theory, the Nadis and Chakras of Yoga and the bioelectromagnetics of Energy Medicine. Much myth and superstition surrounds these cultural expressions and tarnishes their contributions to society.

    Science is practiced by people with directed interests. Much of this directed interest is driven by funding from those whom would direct that interest, those with bias and interests to protect. Thus, new and evolutionary developments and trends tend to be retarded and territory jealously guarded by supposed experts. This is simple human nature at its worst.

    That science is having to deal with and explain the phenomenon of Energy Medicine in the USA is due to the fact that alternatives to modern allopathic medicine are being actively sought by a consumer public in need of healing. These needs are not being satisfied by the established medical practices and procedures as controled by those whom make policy for the medical profession. This is largely the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association.

    The entering into the arena of natural medicines by the major phamaceutical firms testifies to the fact that money talks, they are lossing vast sums to what used to be the fringe health food and supplement market. Thus, science is now forced to alter is perceptions of what is legitimate to research in the area of "Alternative Medicine". The AMA and ADA still fight tooth and nail against those upstarts that erode away their exclusively controlled commodity-the ill person. However they also are being forced to reevaluate their practices and procedures due to the defections of their commodities to the alternative medicine camp.

    The surge in interest in the alternative medical practices and procedures needs a legitimate forum for expressing thought, discussion and reporting of findings. It is the express purpose of this publication to provide that outlet. This section, Biology, is an outlet for basic research in the Life Sciences dealing with the elucidation of the energies and fields of the human body in relation to the medical field. It is an outlet for the findings of clinical trials of the various practices and procedures manipulating the bioelectomagnetics of the human body in relation to healing. This Section is a forum for the development of a common jargon used to describe the various aspects of bioelectromagnetic medicine. It is also an outlet for the description of correspondences between the various cultural expressions of alternative medical disciplines and the scientific research concerning their efficacy.

    Articles are being accepted at this time.


    The effects of the various practices and procedures will affect the molecular matter which makes up the physical body. The interrelationships of the molecules of the body being affected will be studied in order to understand the changes being wraught by the applied electromagnetic (environmental and electromechanical equipment) and bioelectromagnetic (therapist and herbs or foods) fields/energies. This publication is an outlet for the researches of a biochemical nature dealing with the elucidation of bioelectromagnetic medicine.

    Articles are being accepted at this time.


    The theoretical exposition of a discipline is always welcome. The theoretical postulation and analysis of bioelectromagnetic medicine will need a sound foundation. Both the Biochemistry and Biophysics of bioelectromagnetic medicine will draw upon the mathematical methods of analysis, description and modeling. Basic research into energetic and field expressions of living entities and the interactions on the atomic level between internal and externally applied fields/energies needs to be accomplished. This journal is an outlet for such researches.

    Articles are being accepted at this time.


    This Section is dedicated to those whom are pushing the frontiers of Energetic Medicine and its theraputic uses into the mainstream of modern medical thought. By showing the efficacy of Holographic Repatterning and the theraputic uses of Energetic Medicine in the treatment of human and veterinary disease, these authors are providing a forum for the exposition of an exciting, challenging and very useful Medical Paradigm.

    Articles are being accepted at this time.


    This section offers a forum for active discussion concerning the various articles, authors, methodologies employed, theoretical directions and any other aspects as required. Your letters are an important part of this journal and reflect the continued interest in and activity of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine.

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