Date Last Edited: February 2007

Sensitives to the Aura, the Subtle Energies and Fields of the human body, feel them through various portion of their bodies (usually the hands) and characterize these energies and fields according to their own personal experience. Healthy people have an abundance of vital force while sick persons have depleted stores. Sensitives are able to feel and /or see disruptions and areas of local depletion in a persons aura and energy field. Energy from a healthy person may be given to one who is ill or depleted. This is the basis of the technique usually called "the-laying-on-of-hands". You may wish to cultivate this ancient and healing form of energy transference. In order to cultivate this ancient "art" of healing, you do not need to be able to actually see the aura of another person. However, it does indeed help immensely if you are able to "feel" the quality of the aura in the person being worked upon. This may be by actually feeling the energy flows, the ideal, or through your own intuitively developed sense. Practice meditative techniques such as those in the "Exercises and Techniques" located in the Meditational Section to further enhance your "feeling" abilities. Concomitantly practice upon a close , intimate friend your feeling and stroking techniques. These methods may certainly be incorporated into a massage practice. The text below gives my particular methods for your evaluation and usage. Have fun and enjoy!


This technique is not to be entered into lightly or with impunity

You can severely disrupt your energy balance and that of others if you are not mindful

The best way to start is to practice being still and tuning in to your own energies and fields first

The more practiced and sensitive to your own energy/fields, the better to tune into that of another

Learning some form of meditation helps considerably

Check out the Exercises and Techniques in the Waikiki Network/Educational index

How To Do It!-Therapeutic Touch involves a four-step process:

1. Centering

This step is the most important since the mind, thoughts and emotions must all be calm and focused on the task at hand

This is where your meditative skill will be useful

Go to that place inside of you from which springs forth all your energy

Ground yourself to the molten core of the earth and let the energy there blend with yours

Feel yourself calm and energized, prepared for the next step

2. Assessment

Place your hands(palms open and facing their body) close to the receiving person(2 to 4 inches) and "scan" their entire body

You will "feel" differences in the energy field which surrounds them

You are particularly seeking any areas which appear unbalanced, cool, hot, rough, empty, tingling, pulsing, etcetera

These are the areas where blocked or disturbed energy flows are present

3. Smoothing or Unruffling

This stage of the process is one of active energy field manipulation

The healer willfully concentrates their energies into their hands and makes sweeping or circular motions over the affected area or areas

Sometimes it is necessary to hold the hands over an area and inject just the right amount of energy into the affected area

The purpose is to smooth disrupted areas and drag negative energies from the body of the ill person

As water is a negative energy sink, always rinse the hands in water after a session

You may also sling any negative energy which sticks to you by slinging it off into a non-occupied area nearby

Smooth from head to hand or foot and not in the reverse direction unless a specific reason requires you to do so

Surface smoothing takes less time to accomplish than the smoothing of deeply affected areas within the body

4. Modulation

The last phase requires you to be able to closely monitor the affect of your energy balancing and smoothing

You will need to learn how much energy to inject into an affected area as your hands hover over the depletion

You need also to be able to gage the affect of your unruffling passes

Just enough to smooth the area and keep it balanced but not so much as to unbalance another area by overstimulating energy flow

Until you become skilled, you may need to use your hands to lessen energy flow or stimulate it until the balance point is reached

When you feel that all is right, take some time to let your work settle in, about 15 to 20 seconds

Then monitor your efforts to make sure that all is well before finishing

If no adjustment need to be made, disengage and tend to yourself by riding any sticky negative energies by washing the hands in cool running water

The entire process requires that you develop a sense of intuitive feeling about what you are doing. It will come with time as you practice and gain experience. We all have this ability, some more than others. It is a natural state of being that may be harnessed to accomplish much assistance. Learning to use ones energy compassionately and wisely is a challenge.

Edward Frederick Block IV, Ph.D.

Healing Arts