Solar System Colonization Possibilities
E. F. Block IV
February 2004
Updated February 2014

The possibility of serious longterm colonization of the Earth's Moon and Mars are a very remote possibility. There are almost unsurmountable obstacles for such a venture. The reality is that we as a human primate mammalian species are irrevocably tied to our Earth. The organizing and guiding elements of the gene pool of our species developed on this Earthly plane of existence. These same elements did not develop in what we label as "space". The influences that guide the day-to-day and seasonal aspects of our lives are two-fold: Earthly and of the solar system interplanetary electromagnetic field matrix (SSIEFM).

The first efforts of the space programs of the USA and Russia demonstrated that the Schumann Resonance and harmonics were absolutely necessary for the physiological and psychological well being of the cosmonauts/astronauts. On space missions, NASA found out that an artificial Schumann resonance needed to be generated aboard the Apollo and all subsequent missions for the health and wellbeing of the astronauts in space. The schumann resonances (basic frequency of 7.83 Hz and its harmonics: 15.66, 23.49, 31.32, 39.15, 46.98, 54.81 Hz, although some variation is due to Solar wind fluctuations) are generated upon the Earth by the 300 or so electrical storms taking place upon the Earth at any given moment in time. The energy is injected into the ionosphere into what is called a resonance cavity in the lowest layer of the ionosphere labeled the D-Region. The Moon has no atmosphere and thus is not capable of generating a similar resonance. The atmosphere of Mars does produce a feeble areomagnetic field, but nothing like the Schumann resonances. Thus, man will by necessity need to generate an artificial Schumman resonance for all manned facilities upon the Moon or Mars.

Also, the absence of the gravity field of the Earth results in substantial bone remodeling to thinner and less substantial physical structure, much like osteoporosis. The Moon of the Earth has 1/6th the gravity field of the Earth and thus the bone remodeling would still occur. This effect would be the same for any other planetary body. The planet Mars and the Moon do not have a molten core, as does the Earth and thus have no magnetosphere as does the Earth. This means that each is subject to the direct life-threatening effects of the Solar Wind. Since the gravity field of the Moon and Mars are not sufficient to maintain an atmosphere, the concept of terraforming is superfluous.

The work of Hans Giertz ( has shown that the atmosphere produces what are called the "Birkeland" currents. These currents pulse at 4.55 Hz. The implication of his work may be found here, ( Needless to say, these currents are at the very foundation of what is called "life". Since the Moon has no atmosphere, no Birkeland currents will be produced there. The atmosphere of Mars is very thin and whether or not may produce currents similar to those upon the Earth are at this time unknown. The subject is so new that it is unknown at this time by the author whether even NASA is aware of the implication for space exploration of the lack of the Birkeland current frequency.

The manned space station and limited excursions to the surface of the Moon have shown that the geomagnetic field pulsations and the Schumann resonances of the Earth are absolutely vital to the health and well being of mankind. All these facts are such that it is virtually impossible for colonization as we currently envision it happening in the Sci-Fi genre. Our genetic integration is dependent upon the Earth and the influences of our solar system. Without them we will cease to be human any longer even if by some chance a human being might be able to survive somewhere. Apart from the vast distances to travel at sub-light speeds to other planets capable of supporting life, as we know it, our solar system is in one of the oldest portions of our galaxy. Thus, the possibility of other sentient beings existing and interacting with us humans is very remote. We are alone in this quantum, space/time continuum and we as a species are stuck here within the biosphere of the Earth! The research concerning what other possible field fluctuations and resonances attendent to the Earth that are vital the the health and wellbeing of man has not as yet been adequately conducted other than that of the Space station. This is why I make the statement that serious longterm colonization of the Moon and Mars are, as of this date, a very remote possibility!

B. I. A. S.