The Secret Of Life

The essential secret of life is simply to live to the fullest extent your particular passion. There is no particular meaning to living other than this. Those whom from fear do nothing or desist in action are merely awaiting the death which already grips their souls.

Youth intuitively understands this fact and pushes the envelope as far as socialization will allow. As their knowledge and understanding of the world grows, they will pursue their passion in its many forms.

As youth passes into middle-age, people either cling to what they have(and essentially die) or reassess their goals and strive again with renewed passion.

As middle-age passes into old age, people either wonder why it did not work out as it was supposed to do so according to the advice of others(those whom died just after youth) or they reflect upon their accomplishments(those whom pursued their passion).

Striving to come to grips with one's passion is the hammer which shapes the molten iron of the personality in this lifetime into the dual-edged sword of beingness. This newly forged beingness will be expressed in the physical aura and personality of the next incarnation into the physical realm.

One does not progress in the "other" realm unless the lessons to be learned in this incarnation are indeed taken to heart. Each Chakra has its own religious expression and deified personage as exemplars. Jesus of Nazareth was correct when he stated that only through him one may enter into the kingdom of heaven. However, he meant through him as exemplar and not literally! Jesus of Nazareth is our exemplar of the Heart Chakra. Thus, only through balanced expression of the chakras about the heart chakra and the expression of the passion of this lifetime through the balanced heart chakra, this is the Secret Of Life!

Meditational Arts