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The famous explorer Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton KCMG FRGS (19 March 1821 - 20 October 1890) in The Tinkling of the Camel Bell once said,
"Indeed he knows not how to know who knows not also how to unknow."

"It is impossible to make people understand their ignorance; for it requires knowledge to perceive it and therefore he that can perceive it hath it not." Jeremy Taylor 1613-1667

Astrobiology - the study of the influence
of the stars on the beingness of man

The Astrological Matrix and the
Neurobiological Basis of Human Behavior

A Basic Construct in the Field of Modern Astrobiology

A Proposed Comprehensive Theoretical Basis
for Human Behavioral Expression

The Macrocosm Within

The Nodal or Chakra Centers and the
Neuroendocrine/Hormonal Correlates

Using a Chord to find the Circumference of a Circle

Melatonin- the Answer to Electromagnetic Pollution?

Electromagnetic Field Exposure and Alzheimer's Disease

EMF Links-Immune System Links

Rapid, Simple, Low-Cost Serotonin
Assay with femtoMolar Sensitivity

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