Science Fiction

E. F. Block
June 2015


This article was written in response to the offended sensibilities of the author. It seems to the present author that too many of the authors of supposed SiFi books are actually writing science fantasy. These books should be included in the Fantasy section of the library and NOT the SiFi section, in the opinion of the present author. A fat lot of good that will do, right? Anyway, it seems that the authors of these books took a lot of creative writing classes but no actual science classes. One 3 book series charts the effect of tapeworms that eat their way to the brain and take over the control of the human body. This book synposis is just plain ludicrous! First of all, tapeworms do not have mouths! Second, their nervous system is so rudimentary that it could never take over any higher level organism, period! As the present author stated, science fantasy and not science fiction.

Thus, the present author created a series of ideas and concepts related to present day SiFi and then a possible book synopsis.

SiFi Concepts & Ideas

1. Consciousness

The Great Apes, of which man is but 1 member of, are conscious and self-aware entities. However, only man has that special fore-brain bundle of nerve cells in both hemispheres that allows man to develop a true consciousness and soul. The soul as a consciousness is home to the realm of "Dark" matter. From time to time, a consciousness will inhabit that mammalian primate great ape known as man in the realm of "Light" matter or what we reincarnated conscious entities as man call the physical realm. So just when in the course of primate evolution did Homo sapiens (man) first become capable of inhabiting a Soul? Was it in fact upon gaining the twin fore-brain bundles? Why are there so many souls reincarnating now upon this planet called Earth (much to many to sustain themselves without trashing the planet and causing global warming)? The Earth as a planet is 1/2 way towards the Nova event of Sol, another 1-1/2 billion years or so. Will man even exist at that time? What happens to human consciousness at that point? Do the consciousnesses that now inhabits human primates find other planets in the universe with entities capable of hosting a consciousness? Why does this phenomenon exist and for what purpose might it exist?

2. Planetary Earth Evolution

The Moon was once a part of the Earth but was ejected from the Earthen mass during a collision with an asteroid a very long time ago. The Moon gets farther away from the Earth by abour 1 inch per year. The disk of the Moon is 1 degree of arc in the 360 degrees that circle the globe.

The length of the year used to be 400 days but is getting less incrementally every year. The Earth is very, very slowly spiraling into Sol. The Earth has a molten core that is rotating such as to create a geomagnetic field. The Earth as a whole is tilted 23 1/2 degrees from perpendicular to Sol as it rotates and this with the rotation of Earth about Sol creates the weather patterns present in the atmosphere due to the differential heating and cooling there and the Coriolis ( effect. The geomagnetic field interacts with the solar wind. This interaction has played a major role in the evolution of life upon this planet in producing 2 very critical effects that all life has utilized in some manner: 1. There are about 300 or so electrical storms in the atmosphere at any given time. These storms create and pump electrons into the ionospere that in turn create electromagnetic waves with the basic frequency of 7.83 Hz and harmonics (the Schumann Resonances). It seems that the human cranial brain is tuned to these Schumann Resonances. The first astronaughts lost it and these Schuman Resonances had to be artificially generated in the vehicles of subsequent missions. 2. The Solar wind interacts with the geomagnetic field to produce what are called the Birkland currents with a 24 hour period. These currents interact with the geomagnetic field to produce transverse electromagnetic waves and harmonics in a grid pattern. The frequency of 4.55 Hz appears to be crucial for all multicellular life upon the Earth (Prana, Kong Chi). The frequecies of 3.79 Hz and 5.31 Hz are utilized by viri and bacteria (a frequency difference of 0.76 Hz). These Geirtz Resonances are very stable, just like the Schumann Resonances. Both Resonances were established upon the Earth many millions of years ago. The Geirtz resonances create in water a structured moeity that is tuned mostly to 4.55 Hz. The Enteric brain of man is tuned to this Geirtz Resonant frequency. The cranial brain governs biological rhythms, respiration and general metabolism of the overall body while the enteric brain governs assimilation of matter and the elimination of waste matter from the body.

Areas within the human body that harbor disease show a shift from structured water at the frequency of 4.55 Hz to those of 3.79 Hz and/or 5.31 Hz. Cancer has a structured water frequency of 3.03 Hz ( 0.76 Hz below 3.79 Hz). See this link -

3. Vehicle Propulsion and Time of Travel

This is a very difficult issue to deal with. The prediction of the author is that there will not ever be such thing as faster than light travel. Everything needed will have to be carried onboard. The possibility of restocking is too hit & miss. Water may be harvested from asteroids and comets. However, the distances between star systems are so very huge in terms of human lifespan and the lack of physical matter between systems. Hydrogen scoops, light sails and the ejection of matter (usually water) pale compared to the dynamic Casimir effect. The dynamic Casimir effect requires no fuel but still the time of travel is finite. The Alcubierre drive is FTL but not yet practical, if ever. Thus by whatever means utilized, there will be a lot of dead time in travel through space between the more exciting events presented. Thus, the enemy at that time will most likely be boredom and the forms of insanity that might crop up. You can only do so much training, exercise, leisure, sleep, learning and entertainment.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the time duration of travel that springs to mind is the concept of just what is it that makes a human being and will that be lost once away from the planet Earth? Will humans be able to function in the vastness of space with artificially generated Solar/Plantary rhythms, Geirtz Resonances and Schumannn resonances? How will the human genome cope with space travel and insertion into a new planetary environment?

4. Alien Species

There seems to be consistency in the building blocks of physical matter throughout the known galaxy and universe. Consequently, the present author hypothesizes that all alien species encountered will be carbon based. There will never be an artificial intelligence or consciousness that becomes self-realized. Only carbon has the unique properties to sustain life. Silcon dioxide is sand while carbon dioxide is a gas. Only carbon can exist in all 3 states of matter. Only a carbon based lifeform can be inhabited by a consciousness/soul! No mater how you configure a computer, it will never achieve true consciousness!

The nervous systems of reptiles are not capable of supporting a higher intelligence, i.e., no smart dragons or other lizard like species.

The structural and mechanical properties of chitin do not allow for large insect species. Insects still need to break their chitious exoskeleton in order to molt and get bigger. If their chitin gets too tough, no molting. Also, insect brains will never support a true higher intelligence.

It may well be that man is the only intelligent species in the galaxy with true consciousness. One can only speculate on the forms of nervous system types that will support intelligence and consciousness. Any lifeform that is able will most likely be remarkably similar to ours.

Extra-terrestrial multicellular lifeforms will be cellular based, have chromosomal structures and compounds similar to RNA/DNA. Whether they will have mitochondria is speculative, but most likely something similar. What environmental extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves are existent on any planet depends upon factors already discussed above: a molten core, rotation upon axis, large enough in mass to keep an atmosphere, a star wind that interacts with the atmosphere to produce biosphere resonances similer to the Geirtz and Schumann Resonnces.

5. Cryogenics

The reason that people can not be frozen and thawed routinely is that cellular microtubules depolymerize at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Microtubulin is the basis for all cellular architecture, plant or animal. This why all frozen foods get flaccid upon being thawed. When the microtublues repolymerize again above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they do so haphazardly and cellular organization of membrane enzyme systems are destroyed, cell organells are disrupted and the mitotic apparatus is in disarray. It is possible to freeze bacteria and viri with no ill effects as they have no microtubules.

But, it is possible, however, to use a Frozen Embryo Transfere Protocol to implant viable human embryos in young women of breeding age (9 out of ten attempts succeed). The embryos are very quickly frozen so no large ice crystals are formed and the microtublues do not have the time to depolymerize. Thus our space going vessel will have a cryogenics lab and a huge frozen embryo storage facility. Perhaps all that will be needed is some DNA cold-stored and then have a facility for bringing a baby to term from scratch. I can think of all the reasons that this would not work. Too much fantasy involved at this point.

6. Food

The science of hydroponics is advanced enough that it is quite possible that such a system will be utilized onboard the space vessel. Here we need to concern ourselves with crops grown, lighting, light cycles, the Geirtz Resonances, aqueous systems, maintenace, testing & monitoring, planting, harvesting, food preparation, food preservation, vat growing, etc. I doubt that any animals can be aboard as they are to messy.

7. Nanotechnology

I really do not like the use of nanites to make everthing OK. I think that the use of graphene and carbon nanotubes is sufficient. Nanites are too much like fantasy at this point in technological achievement.

8. People & Politics

Some people always seem to mess everything up by becoming control freaks. Whenever you have something good going for you, someone wants to take it way from you. In all stoneage cultures, more murders are due to fights over women than anything else. Yech, I really do not like people as a whole. They are greedy, lazy, ignorant, envious, spitefull and usually want to be told what to do when. People of relativly low IQ talk about other people. Those of moderate IQ talk about their toys (things). People of higher IQ talk about ideas & concepts. The Bell Curve tops out in the middle of the IQ spread.

9. Astrology/Genetics and Astrobiology

Astrology was the study of heredity before there was the science of genetics. Astrology as a whole really does work. The author has over 42 years of experience with Astrology. Now it seems that all the junk DNA actually has a purpose. That purpose is to respond to environmental cues and guide the timing of metabolic processes through the life cycle of the individual. How is this going to be accomplished in the middle of space between star systems? What are the cues utilized much less what cues are going to have be generated artificially? Astrobiology is a created word by those at NASA for the study of biology related to space. Which embryos are going to be needed according to their gene pool? Which embryos are going to be brought out when in order to have the required astrological characteristics for work, learning, breeding and the like? Is this aspect of being human even going to be possible? Is mankind going to loose its humanity?

10. Skin, Hair and Feather Coloration

The coloration in all animal species is related to the microscopic quanities and placement within cells of the compound melanin ( Thus, coloration ranges from lots of melanin and black to no melanin and a pale straw color for reflected coloration. Those with no melanin have a pinkish color due to the red color of hemogobin in the red blood cells traversing the blood vessels of the skin. The coloration in non-mammalian species of animals may be due to haphazardly placed melanin as in mammals or the very precise sub-microscopic array of melanin granules that yield refractive coloration as in feathers. Reflected coloration is due to light absorption while refractive coloration is due to a prismatic effect. Some arthropods have a bluish coloration due to a copper moeity combined with blood proteins. Only Plants have a green color due the magnesium moeity in chlorophyll. Thus, bright blue, opaque yellow and other fanciful coloration are most likely not going to be found in any intelligent alien species encountered, unless they will have something like feathers.

Possible Book Synopsis

This is a story about a future of humanity that builds a large space going vessel in order to populate the galaxy with human descendants. The plot follows successive groups of human characters through the many evolutions involved in the travels by the vessel as the onboard human descendants search for possibly inhabitable worlds.

Book 1

The first block of chapters deal with the reason for the building of the vessel, the construction of the vessel, all that the vessel contains and the possible immediate destination(s). This block continues with launch of the vessel towards a star with a known possibly inhabitable world and then ends with the effects of long term space travel upon the sccessive groups of inhabitants of the vessel. All manner of mayhem possibly might ensue.

Book 2

The first block of chapters deals with the close approach to the possibly inhabitable world and discovery of the all of the parameters that make up that world including the state of any living entities already present. In the background are the requirements that will be necessary to be discovered before a possible human colonization attempt is to be initiated. The possibility of needed terraforming may arise. Onboard scientists have been searching for the next star system to travel to in case the world does not fit the requirements that are necessary for longterm human occupation.

The second block of chapters will deal with a colonization attempt upon a world that meets the requirements for human occupation and does not have a self-aware species in residence, i.e., an early world.

The third block will deal with discovery of a non-hostile self-aware species resident upon a world and the state of their civilization. The nature of that resident species will be discovered and a possible inter-species scenario developed.

The fourth block will deal with a hostile self-aware species encountered and all that develops from the time of initial contact. Any number of outcomes are possible and a human response to the aggression develops. The conclusion of hostilities is hopefully very much to be a surprising one.

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