Discussions On The Theoretical And Practical Uses Of The Various Electronic Devices Utilized In Bioelectromagnetic Medicine


There are many types of electrical devices utilized by both the established medical profession and the alternative healing profession. The types of equipment being manufactured today are keeping pace with the progress being made in the arena of computer microarchitecture and cybernetics. As a result of this progress, the methods of producing the desired output of these devices is becoming digitally controlled. Both analog and digital outputs are now being utilized according to usage whereas in times past only analog outputs were available. This results in a "cleaner" signal being produced and applied according to intent. The purpose of this article is to delineate the differences and similarities in the various types of equipment being produced and the theoretical background for the use of each type.


A very good presentation may be found at BioenergeticMedicine.Org in reference to equipment types.


These above are the main contributors to the alternative healing profession. The established medical professional equipment will not be discussed- Diathermy, MRI, Sonography, TENS, etcetera- because they do not deal with controversial political positions.

In the main, there are two approaches to treating maladies with frequencies/energies. The older is the splatter approach, give the body a multitude of resonant frequencies in the range of natural frequencies of the body cells and organs over a relatively long period of time - weeks to months. The second is to accurately determine the non-resonant frequency or frequencies and selectively apply them to the body with results in seconds to minutes. The older method deals with the information given above. The newer is the work of the last 20 years in Germany as the result of the pioneering work of Dr. Voll. The bioresonance devices as typified by the Bicom device are more specific as to application and less time consumming to the therapist and patient. This device is well respected and utilized by serious professionals. The older type devices are used by individuals and "fringe" elements as described by the established medical profession.

This begs the question as the cause of all disease is some non-resonant frequency in the natural spectrum of cellular, organ and organismal life. The cause is irrelevant on one hand as long as we know how to balance again the body energies. Removing the cause is sometimes more difficult due to life circumstances. The causes are always there but the body is immune to their effects as long as it is healthy. When the body becomes weakend due to stress, wrong thinking or depression, illness rears its head according to the weaknesses of the body and its exposure to debilitating non-resonant energies.


The wide range of devices and their reported efficacy lets us know that something is going on here that is worth taking the time to investigate and understand. Politically correct adherents to the AMA and FDA proscribed doctrine of approved medical devices are such so as to not loose their right to practice medicine. Misunderstanding and political oppression knows no bounds, an unfortunate side effect of regulation by invested experts. The best tact is to follow your own heart in dealing with this subject.

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