JUNE 2002


"A Theoretical Basis for the Origin of the Subtle Fields & Energies of the Human Aura", E. F. Block IV


This Issue is concerned with a novel theoretical concept relating to the origin of the subtle fields and energies of the Human aura.

Meditators report that there are Seven Centers for the transformation and distribution of Subtle Energies subtending the Human Aura. These are the same points of crossing of the entwining snakes about the Staff of Hermes which is the symbol of the Western Medical profession. There is first a discussion of the concept of the Subtle Fields & Energies emanating from the Seven Centers, the Aura and their relation to Human cultural expression. Next follows a discussion for the origin of these Subtle Fields & Energies as relates to the Physics of Gravetomagnetism and Electromagnetism. Lastly is a discussion of what it means to be alive and resonating with these Subtle Fields & Energies with the result as the Human Aura.


  1. The Subtle Fields & Energies of the Human Aura

    The concept of the 7 Chakras, the 7 Centers, the 7 Nodes of energy transformation and expression is a cornerstone of the cultural expression of Raja Yoga which has its origins on the sub-continent of India. Raja Yoga or "Royal Union" is but 1 branch of Indian Yoga. Raja Yoga is the name given for the body of knowledge accumulated by those persons undergoing intense meditation and trance work. The science of meditation has been continuously practiced for over 8000 years and the knowledge obtained by its practicianers through research and contemplation has been passed down by an unbroken lineage of teacher-student relationships. Just as with any other science, the research efforts of pioneers is constantly verified by peers through examination of results and experimentation. And, just as with any other human endeavor, the body of knowledge is subject to the predjudices and politically correct thinking of the times and cultural history of those practicing a science.

    The author is a Westerner born into a family residing in Southern California, not India. Consequently, as an intense Meditator and an academically trained Western Scientist, the author has made every attempt to confirm the experiences gained in the practice of intense meditation with those experiences gained in the practice of Neuroscience. As a Behavioral Scientist, the author is trained to be able to discern the reality beneath cultural expression and societal convention as is every Behavioral Scientist. Thus, the author is able to confirm the existance of the 7 Nodes which subtend the areas of the hormonal glands of the body. Please refer to the article "The Macrocosm Within" for a complete discussion.

    The 7 Nodes as an electromagnetic expression appear to be in resonance with the light frequencies of Human visual capability as the colors of the Rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo and Violet. Red is associated with the base of the spine and Violet with the top of the head. However, these frequencies can not be the Subtle Energies although the dynamic Subtle Field Nodes are the 7 Chakras or Centers. This is where the concept of harmonics in Physics comes into play. What Humans are able to perceive apart from the 5 senses is called extra-sensory perception. Thus, just as any electromagnetic field/energy may be resonating/emitting at many frequencies and their harmonics detectable by electro-mechanical devices, humans are able to detect fundamental frequencies and their harmonics of vital and physical fields/energies. The ability to accomplish these tasks take training, no matter what field of Human endeavor one undertakes. The difference is the resonators which are detecting the fluctuations in the electromagnetic spectrum.

    This brings us to the discussion of just what comprises the Subtle Fields and Energies. The fields and energies that an intense meditator are able to perceive are always there. These are vital and physical fields/energies. The problem is how to characterize these fields/energies in the typical language of frequencies, wavelengths and the behavior of matter. What is described as the fundamental properties of matter relates to elementary particle composition, mass, spin, isotope, density, gravity and the like. Matter influences other matter via the exchange of photons of characteristic frequency and wavelength. This yields what we call the electromagnetic spectrum with the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies capable of imparting the greatest amount of energy in an exchange. Matter also is said to exchange gravitons as one mass aggregation of matter influences another mass aggregation of matter. Thus, matter exchanges two types of behavioral modalities: electromagnetism and gravitomagnetism. One can not speak about the one without the other. At this time, gravitomagnetism is not as well understood as electromagnetism nor is it as well characterized as electromagnetism. However, both occur at the same time in all exchanges between matter.

    In order to begin our description, let us start with what an accomplished meditator perceives about their fields/energies. There are 4 shells of overlapping fields/energies which surround the physical body. The outer shell is the most gross and the core is the most sublime. The human aura is the sum of all the fields/energies being generated, transformed and distributed. The Core subtends the heart area and is a monad. This monad has direction in time with a past, a present and a future. Thus a line runs through this New-Leafy Green Node from a distance behind the monad and projects into the front of the monad. This line does not actually exist as such but is a smoothly unbroken transition from the past into the future. This monad splits into the axes of 3 dimentional space and yields a Left-Hand(-) and Right-Hand(+) orientation, a front(-)-to-back(+) orientation and a Head(-)-to-Foot(+) orientation with the 7 nodes and the 4 spherical shells being generated. The "Color" of the Core monad is as stated. The second shell is generated by the two Nodes next to the Core as below Yellow and above Sky Blue. The third shell is generated by the next pair of centers outwards as below Orange and above Indigo. The outer shell is generated by the outer pair of Nodes as below Red and above Violet. The Human Aura is a mixture of all the colors with usually 1 or 2 being predominate in the blending. Please remember that the colors are relative to the wavelengths of energy perceived. Thus, the Basal or Red Node is resonate with the longest wavelengths and the Crown or Violet Node is resonate with the shortest wavelengths. Thus, we reflect the Rainbow within ourselves with the longest wavelengths(Red) at the base of the spine and the shortest (Violet) at the top of the head.

    This linear array is much like an antenna/transmitter array. This array is what allows the (+) and (-) energies to flow side to side in a sinusoidal manner to yield the pattern of the Caduceus or Staff of Hermes. However, since we are in a 3 dimentional universe, the flow of energy is not a 2 dimentional, flat wave but a spiral helix if looked at from the end. It only seems to be "flat" as looked at from the side. Thus, energy enters at the top of the head from the left side, as an example, and spirals down from Node to Node changing polarity at each Node until it exits out of the right foot. The same occurs for the energy entering from the right side and also for those entering the feet. The flows are dynamic with equilibriun bringing optimum health. Any disruption in the dynamically balanced flow will eventually result in some form of disease according to genetic predisposition. Being in dynamic balance with the 4 flows in and out of the 7 Node fields vertically also blends with flows front to back through each Node. These 6 flows are then distributed through the shells to the body and results in the Aura according to your genetic heritage and neurophysiological development. The particular Auric Colors may be determined by several means but the easiest is by casting a Natal Chart using Astrological analysis. The reason for this is stated in The Macrocosm Within. Thus, your particular genetic heritage and resulting neurophysiological development modifyies all energies entering your "field" and is responsible for the "Vibes" you emit that are felt by others around you and your particular Aura.

  2. Possible Origins of the Subtle Fields & Energies of the Human Aura

    There is at this time in the circles of Physics a great deal of interest in gravitomagnetism. Research in gravitomagnetism is tied to superconduction. Work is progressing in order to find a means of transforming electromagnetic radiation into gravitomegnetisn and vice versa with near perfect efficiency at superconducting temperatures that are close to absolute zero. See "A Philosopher's Stone" in the June 2002 issue of Scientific American for details.

    As I have stated in part 3, "Resonator Quality and Superconduction of Cellular Components", of the June 2000 issue of The Journal of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine, biological matter is superconducting at the temperatures of which we live our lives. Being grounded means that we are connected to the Earth. Connected in what manner? Resonately tuned into the energies and fields that are the Earth! The Red Node, the Basal Node, the Node at the base of the spine is this resonator tuned to the energies and fields of the Earth. Thus it is my thesis that this Node is capable of efficiently transforming electromagnetic wavelengths of the appropriate frequency into gravitomagnetic energy and vice versa as needed by the organism for maintaining overall optimum dynamic resonance.

    Just as the Basal Node is tuned to the Earth, the Violet Node the Crown Node is resonately tuned to the wavelengths of the stars and may efficiently transform electromagnetic energies into gravitomagnetic energies. In fact, all the Nodes are capable of doing so at their resonate frequencies and harmonics. The Basal Node and the Crown Node are the major gateways for their resonate frequencies with the other nodes, I hypothesize, as more of a distributing function of the transformed energies. This is why an exaggerated or deficient dynamic flow of energy always preceeds the symptoms of disease as a biochemical derangement. The contention of this author is that being alive means that we are capable of transforming gravetomagnetic energies into electromagnetic energies and vice versa at will as needed. This is what organic evolution upon this Earth has allowed living organisms to accomplish! This is the basis of the use of scalar energy by living entities and what sets apart the "living" from the "dead"!


The Human energy fields are comprised of at least 4 increasingly subtle energy flow/fields dynamically tuned to resonate frequencies of those of the Earth and the Stars. The overall Aura is the result of the genetic heritage and neurophysiological development of the individual as resonate frequencies displayed. Being alive means that living organisms are capable of transforming gravitomagnetic energies into electromagnetic energies and vice versa as needed in order to dynamically balance the energies of the organism with those of its environment. Details of these processes are to be worked out with further research.

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