"The Myth and Reality of Energy Medicine"
E. F. Block IV


This article will at first delineate Energy Medicine from Trauma Medicine and explain the relevance of each in human affairs. Then the author will attempt to dispell the myth and ignorance surrounding Energy Medicine from the pragamtic reality of its effectiveness. Lastly, the author will summerize the basic concepts and theory of Energy Medicine in the light of known human cultural expression through the ages.


The word "trauma" means: 1. an injury (as a wound) to living tissue caused by an extrinsic agent 2. a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from mental or emotional stress or physical injury. Thus, the difference in Traumatic Medicine and Energy Medicine is one of concept as to method of treatment. Allopathic or standard Western Medicine, that which the author has labeled Trauma Medicine, is focused upon the alleviation of symptoms due to trauma. Energy Medicine is focused upon the balancing of the morphogenic fields of the body and the flows of energy between the generators/resonators of these fields. The disruptors of balanced morphogenic fields and deranged energy flows as a result are trauma, whether they be physical trauma, emotional trauma or mental trauma. Thus the disruptors may be of internal origin (self inflicted by thought and emotion) or external origin (by accident, aggression).

The essential concept of Energy Medicine is to use any means to balance the fields and energies of the body. The essential concept of Allopathic or Trauma Medicine is to repair physical damage and make the symptoms go away. If you are injured in an automobile accident, by all means go to a Hospital. If you have Cancer, look to changing you thoughts, your emotions & your nutrition while detoxifying your body.

Energy Medicine deals with the electromagnetic fields generated by the living body. These fields are due to the accumulation of matter in a form as dictated by Organic Evolution on this planet Earth in the form of DNA. The living human body is made of highly organized relationships of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. These elements are taken in as mineral ions by living entities and combined into carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and associated mineral cofactors that make up the building blocks of life. These elements, atoms and molecules are the same as those found throughout the known Universe. They are subject to what we as mankind refer to as the 'Laws of Physics', including electromagnetism. They are the same as found anywhere in the Universe.

However, living entities also have energies and attendant fields which are not found in the arena of the Science of Physics. These are termed Vital Energies. The reason for this is that strictly Physical Nature always dissipates energy into its most stable state. Living entities store energy in a dynamic form to be utilized at a later time in seeming contradiction to the 'Laws of Thermodynamics'. Physical Nature does this as nuclear rearrangements that we know as radiation in the form of Alpha and Beta particles and Gamma Rays.

Organic Evolution does this in the form of molecular rearrangements in specific ways we call Biochemistry- the Chemistry of Life! These Biological molecules of Organic Evolution have energies and fields not found in Physical Nature as they are of Organic Nature! And there is no reason not to assume that Organic Nature found here on this planet Earth is the same as may be found anywhere in the known Universe, maybe not exact but close enough!

These Vital Energies and Fields are generated by living cells that make up the living substance of the body. The non-living substance of the body is due to the accumulation of byproducts of living cells known as "bone"- (calcium & magnesuim apatite crystals), "collagen"- (the protein of the extracellular matrix (EM), catrilage, ligaments and tendons), extracellular fluid (EF) and wastes dumped into the EF & EM. Living cells then are surrounded by:

  1. a liquid known as extracellular fluid containing dissolved gases, dissolved minerals, nutrients and wastes
  2. an EM made up of bone, collagen or both

What then may we ask is the source of the Vital Energies and Fields? Is it simply the dynamic biochemical reactions found in discrete cellular compartments and the movement of the products of metabolism from compartment to compartment within, into and out of the living cell? Is it the membrane lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and cofactors? Is it the transcription, translation and eventual production of protein from DNA? It is these and also something else.

It is the sum of all the cells and the organizaion of the cells into an integrated body- a morphogenic field and energies.

Organic Nature stores energy in the form of high energy content chemical bonds. These bonds are phosphate bonds of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), carbon-carbon bonds of carbohydrates and lipids, carbon-oxygen bonds of carbohydrates and carbon-hydrogen bonds of carbohydrates & lipids. All these may be detected by the many types of physical instruments. This is a dynamic energy that is temporarily static until acted upon by an enzyme system. Lesser types of energy stored in bonds are those of proteins and nucleic acids.

OK, but then to what are the types of energies we are alluding? How do we detect and measure them? The concept of a morhogenic field is not new. No-one yet knows how to properly describe the morphogenic field of the body. Meditators describe seven centers of energy concentration and distribution. That these centers exist, the author can definitely attest. These centers are not able to be detected and measured by the physical instruments of today. OK, so morphogenic fields seem to be the limit of our comprehension and ability to detect and measure for now. We do not yet know what resonator to use as a means of a detector. In actually, a theoretical concept needs to be in place before the technical reality can be actualized. Sadly, only a description is in place and that is ignored by scientists. What we can do is use the Bicom device or the like to analyze and treat energy disruptions. These devices are limited as to depth of ability of energy to manipulate. Thus we are left with the human mind and its "Psychic" abilities to manipulate the more subtle energies. In this case, we are frought with social conceptualization and politically correct thinking and theory. Consequently we have the mess we call society today. Few are really able to achieve the detachment to be able to use their minds as a research instrument devoid of any emotional and mental construct. Thus, scientists prefer the use of physical instruments and we need to do the basic Research & Development necessary for a resonator which will lead to the eventual discovery and elucidation of the Subtle Energies.

Cultural Expressions of Energy Medicine

Western Systems - Homeopathy

For a general discussion of Homeopathy, these sites are an excellent resource. Please visit them and then return for the continuation of this discussion.

Eastern Systems - Acupuncture

For a general discussion of Acupuncture, these sites are an excellent resource. Please visit them and then return for a continuation of this discussion.

Homeopathy works with the special properties of water, see Water As An Information Store, in order to balance the energies of the body and affect a cure for a specific cause, not merely the alleviation of the symptoms of disease. Each homeopathic remedy is specificaly tailored to the individual and requires considerable skill by the Homeopathic Physician for preparation. Homeopathic remedies act upon the body to selectively cancel out the disruptive effects of adverse energetic intrusions upon the body affected. Homeopathy works to affect cure and requires the patience necessary for the homeostatic systems of the body to re-balance the energies of the body and the deranged biochemistry as a result of the deranged energy disruption to return to normalcy. Again, the skill of the Homeopathic Physician is of paramount importance in determining the counterbalancing energy formulation in the preparation of the remedy.

Acupuncture works to balance energy flows in the body by the selective insertion of needles in points on the meridians on the body. Unbalanced flows as "too much" and "not enough" are drained or augmented as required. Thus acupuncture does not specificaly remove the debilitating energy intrusion but uses the total energy flow of the body to override any excess or lack in a local area. This then will bring about the balance required and the normal homeostasis of the body will then compensate for the disruptive energy influences. The skill of the Physician utilizing Acupuncture in determining the placement and length of the needle is considerable. Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine is not practiced by and of itself but integrated into a body of theory and knowledge encompassing a wide variety of theraputic modalities, much as Western Medicine.


Energy Medicine is a natural practice of mankind. It is the basis of Shamanism, Taoism, Witchcraft, Yoga and the various form of medical practice throughout the ages. It is the appropriate use of energies to counterbalance the disruptive effects of contra-life energies that all forms of Medicine deal with. The cultural expression is not as relevant as the skill of the practicianer in recognizing the nature of the disruptive energy and the type and amount of counterbalancing energy that is needed to be applied to the body in order to bring about a cure. The means of applying this counterbalancing energy is a result of the knowledge and experience of the physician. There is a place for all forms of Medical expression in the affairs of Man.

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