Volume Twenty
July 2009

Concepts Related to Health For the Human Primate Organism
and the Secrets to Maintaining Optimum Health

E. F. Block


There are two major described ways of dealing with the acquisition of data and for putting that data in some sort of order. These two modes have been described to me as splitting and lumping. Thus there are two major groups of individuals that concern themselves with the practice of western science today in our contemporary culture here in the USA - Splitters and Lumpers! Indeed, to be a really good scientist, one needs to a bit of both. The Splitters are mostly involved in linear thinking. The Lumpers are involved mostly in wholistic thinking. The vast majority of scientists, overwhelmingly male, are left-brain, linear thinking, knowledge accumulators. A small minority, some males but overwhelmingly female, are right-brain, wholistic thinking, understanding accumulators. Thus, to my way of thinking, if you put the knowledge together with the understanding, you obtain wisdom.

The "West" is culturally left-brain (LB) in orientation while the "East" is culturally right-brain (RB) in orientation. Westerners are all about facts while Easterners are all about concepts. How is it possible to have "good" science without either being involved in the process of gaining wisdom? Both facts and concepts are needed in order to progress, as far as I can determine.

The knowledge of science that the author has acquired in the successful conclusion of a BA, MA, MAOM and PhD is continuously merged with the understanding acquired through intensive meditational practice starting from the age of 4 years. The author has striven to balance the LB linear with the RB wholistic learning behaviors. I understand the vagueness associated with RB expression and I know the crispness associated with LB exposition. Hopefully the author is able to weave the two together in this work and offer a meaningful and educational result.

In my search for knowledge and understanding about: (1) what constitutes healthy living, (2) what constitutes disease, (3) what constitutes healing; I have come to some conclusions. This work is an attempt to elaborate those conclusions. I will attempt to show the trees (facts) within the forest (concept). My overall concept is that the human primate organism (HPO) is a self-replicating organic machine superbly equipped to live in the Biosphere of this planet Earth. I will not discuss how this came about in great detail but I will concern this discussion mostly with the paradigms of health and healing.

For an "Introduction to Medical Schemas", go to for a complete description of Ayurvedic, Traditional and Western medicine.

For a description of "Energy Dynamics for Bioelectromagnetic Medicine" go to for an in depth overview of biological energies.

For a "A Modern Schema for Bioelectromagnetic Medicine" go to for a comprehensive exposition of the energies possibly associated with the development of the fetus and those utilized for healing in adults.

For gaining an understanding to the background that gave rise to the hypothesis that astrology is behavioral genetics, go to for a complete listing of correspondences and go to for a more classically scientific outline.

The articles have been written by the present author and are an expression of the knowledge and understanding to date acquired concerning the subject


The evolution of organic life on this planet has yielded and continues to yield an astonishingly diverse array of organic life forms. At the heart of this evolutionary thrust are the organic compounds known as nucleic acids, polymers of nucleotides, that constitute ribo-nucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribo-nucleic acid (DNA). These polymers are made up of a definite order of nucleotide sequences strung together into what are known as genes and these genes are gathered together into what are known as chromosomes. It is the chromosomes that are the elements passed down from progenitors, male and female in the case of humans, to offspring that give rise to each unique individual. The individual is unique but also very common. The commonness is in general physical structure (anatomy), cellular biochemistry & organismal physiology and behavioral repertoire. The uniqueness is in anatomical anomalies, biochemical aberrations, physiological differences and behavioral plasticity. This is the play of genes and the shuffling of genes within the population at large. It is also the roll of what processes are at work to change "good" genes into not so good genes and what processes are at work to derive new genes that confer better survivability to the offspring. Most likely there is but a single process that yields both outcomes. Thus I am going to discuss the human primate organism (HPO) in relation to both common and unique features as regards health, disease and healing.

Central to all ancient medical concepts and especially now in the Indian subcontinent and China is the concept that man is a part of and intimately connected to the surrounding environment. This concept was part of western medicine also until the rise of science during the so-called Renaissance in what is now termed as Europe and specifically starting in the area now known as Italy. Western science threw out the baby with the bath water. This is the essential lack in modern western medicine still today. The HPO is tied to the environment but again there is considerable plasticity in human behaviors. The body and its biochemistry and physiology are tied to the Sun/Moon and solar system clock. HPO behaviors are also tied to this clock but again there is plasticity in HPO behaviors. It is the genetics of each individual that both make each person the same and yet distinct for other HPOs. During the development of each individual HPO fetus, the entire solar system clock is in the background and the unfolding sets of genes are regulated by this clocking rhythm. This is the basis for the cultural expression of what is known as Astrology. It is my opinion that Astrology is the lay expression of the scientific discipline of genetics. Thus, we are immersed within our environment with all of its components and we constantly adjust to the vagaries of this wholistic system in the changes of individual gene expression, cellular biochemistry, organismal physiology and behavior. It is the central thesis of Eastern medicine that anything that blocks the smooth flow of energy within the HPO is the ultimate cause for the occurrence of disease. Restoration of resonance and the elimination of energetic blockages will return one to full health. If the diseased state has lingered for some time (days to years), considerable clean up to the organism may need to be part of the treatment for the elimination of waste and toxic substances variously stored inside of the body.

The intelligent person of today in the USA must deal with the political situation that exists in human affairs much like that Galileo had to do in his day. However, instead of the Catholic Church, we now have to suffer the indignities of censorship imposed upon us by controlling members of the American Medical Association and the National Science Foundation. The stranglehold on the quality and content of higher education is enforced by the specter of who is awarded research grants and who has their right to practice medicine taken away from them. Ex-president Eisenhower was correct in citing the dangers of the military-industrial complex; everything has been weaponized, if possible. In addition, the gross commercialization and control of technology by corporations for selfish interested runs rampant in the business world. In spite of all of this, the truth prevails underground and on "questionable" Internet websites. There is a lot of garbage science cited out there in the Internet world as well. Such is human nature. Vested interests prevail in almost every case in the final analysis of human events.

Ayurvedic Medicine of the Indian subcontinent and Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Asian continent comprise the paradigms, in this author's opinion, that are the most natural and least harmful medical practices in existence today. Naturopathic and Homeopathic medicine does so for western modes of medical practice. All of these above mentioned paradigms deal with the energies of the body. All of the above mentioned paradigms place the HPO as an integral element within the wholistic environment (Solar System and Earth system clocking resonances). All endeavor to restore energy resonance of the HPO with the clocking systems as the ultimate goal of treatment.

Starting with the experience by the author derived from intensive meditation for many decades, the idea that there is energy that exists and flows within the human body cannot be disputed. This energy can be directed with conscious effort. The desired control of this flow of energy comes with learned experience while at first in a meditative state and later in everyday circumstances. There seems to be a sequence of events triggered by any disruption of the free flow of the energy system within the HPO. This disrupted flow is a discordance at some point in the energy distribution system that leads to a blockage with either a build up of energy or a draining of energy that depends upon the quality and quantity of the original disrupting influence. This discordance will eventually lead to the disruption of cellular and physiological events. This in turn leads to any number of sign and symptoms depending upon the tissues and organs involved. If this disruptive condition persists for some length of time, some form of degeneration begins to be evident either visibly or behaviorally. Concurrent is the buildup of various waste products that are not being able to be removed from the area involved. Some form of pain, inflammation and/or edema is always the result. If vital organs are involved, a life-threatening event will usually occur following enough time for a disruptive buildup to occur. The HPO is very resilient and some conditions may take 20 years or more to become life threatening. It is the absolute fact that energy disruption always precedes the development of physical disease symptoms. Healing constitutes the regaining of resonance, the removal of the blockage, regaining normal physiological functionality and lastly the elimination of any build up of waste and toxic products. All that is then necessary is the time for rheostasis to equilibrate again in the affected region of the body. Rheostasis is a more technically correct term than homeostasis since things in the body are always in flux and nothing stays the same but fluctuates about a physiologically determined parameter set point. With a free flow of energy re-established, health is restored.

Energy follows thought and this is why the mental state, emotional state and the behavioral learning that any person has acquired is of paramount importance for the health of any individual. Trauma may be of a physical, mental or emotional nature. The event that shocks the person (whether of a physical, mental or emotional nature) may inhibit the smooth flow of energy within the body. This inhibited flow if not immediately released by the person will become a blockage. The position of the blockage will then determine the nature of the signs and symptoms that will develop. The blockage may be within the central nervous system (brain usually), an organ(s), a meridian(s) or a superficial layer of the body (muscle and/or skin). The time of the blockage will give an idea of just which meridians may become involved since the flow of energy within the meridian system in a 24 hour time period is known.

Physical trauma is fairly easy to see due to bruising and feel due to pain, as a result of blood and energy stagnation, in the location affected. Mental and emotional trauma is much more difficult to determine due to the fact that only the brain (usually) is directly involved, with the pain and energy disruption located elsewhere in the body as a secondary effect. This is where the knowledge of the concept of meridians comes into play again since the resulting signs and symptoms will reflect that part of the brain that was traumatized. The mental and emotional correlates to the meridian system are also well known. This fact is a powerful tool in determining the course of any treatment. As each individual is unique in genetic makeup, learning and experience, the course of treatment will need to be tailored to that individual. The modes of treatment to be applied will have similarities to the treatments applied to other individuals but the specific applications will be modified to suit the individual at the time of examination, diagnosis and treatment. As the course of the disease progresses, the signs and symptoms will change according to the adjusting physiology of the individual. Thus, at each visit to the health care provider, the signs and symptoms will be monitored, a diagnosis determined and a new (or perhaps the same) treatment will be determined. This will continue until the patient is returned to a state of optimal health. At this time, all treatments and prescriptions will be suspended.

In the experience of the author as a health care provider, it was noticed that the single most important aspect of determining the successful outcome of a course of treatment was the mindset of the patient. Almost all patients wanted to continue with the lifestyle that they had developed. Almost all did not want to make the changes necessary in their lifestyle in order to remain healthy. They wanted some quick fix and a return to their unhealthy and unnatural behaviors. This is the curse of living in an industrialized society. It is very easy to live an unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle that will not kill you immediately. It is a testimony to the resilience of the body that people manage to live as long as they do while maintaining such an unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle.

Diet perhaps plays the next most important role in maintaining a healthy state. It is the opinion of the author that at least 85% of the "food" that you are able to purchase in the typical grocery store is inimical to your health. One is not able to purchase much that is in its natural state. The food is either canned, frozen or preserved. Frozen is the least inimical. However, all processed foods are done in an environment that "charges" the food with energies that are contrary to maintaining health. This is due to alternating electrical current used in virtually all factories. Direct electrical current is not so debilitating. Electrical motors of both types are horribly polluting due to spurious electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF). You try eating only out of cans for a month or two and see what happens to your health! These effects are not immediately noticeable to most relatively healthy individuals. The health-compromised and elderly are affected the most as their energies are diminished and they are not able to assimilate the "unhealthy" foods and attached negative energies.

It is said that variety is the spice of life, as far as foods go this is especially true. There are ethnic influences at play with all food choices in meal planning. Eating a wide variety of foods yields a result that is balanced nutritionally. Food preferences will change with the change in the seasons. Eating the same foods repeatedly tends to cause problems with health due to the buildup of possible toxic substances and a lack of essential nutrients. Nutrition may not be balanced as a result and again there might be a build up of certain waste and toxic elements that the body has a difficult time dealing with and getting rid of. People tend to get emotionally attached to certain foods and consume them in times of stress. There is a definite difference between wanting to eat a food the body needs and eating a food that one is emotionally addicted to because it makes you feel good. One should eat to live and not live to eat!

In dealing with all aspects of health, one needs to be aware of three sub-levels of overall integration. These three sub-levels to overall integration have many cultural as well as scientific expressions. Again, go to for a complete listing of correspondences. These three sub-levels deal with the body, the mind and the emotions. The body sub-level is earth - structure (anatomy), physiology and the neurotransmitter dopamine. The physical body is made by the cells of the body but in fact is actually made up of non-living components. This is why in dealing with the structure of the body, it is the most difficult to repair since the time element involved is the greatest. Maintaining the patience, enduring the pain and persevering until balance is reached is a difficult task for most people. The destruction and removal of those non-living components that are the result of disharmony is but the first step after normalization of energy flow in the area affected. Next comes true repair within the area that is now in balance and harmony with the rest of the body. This non-living material is part mineral (bone-earth), part fiber (connective tissue-air), part conduit (meridian pathway-fire) and part ocean (interstitial fluid-water). The physiology of the body is controlled by the central nervous system (CNS)-the brain and spinal cord. This is where the concept of yin/yang derives. The yin state is parasympathetic dominance while the yang state is sympathetic dominance within the autonomic nervous system (ANS) that is regulated by the CNS. If you do not understand what the ANS does or the concept of yin/yang, please read about these concepts elsewhere before continuing. The part of the mind labeled the sub-conscious plays a big role in determining the outcome of the CNS control over the ANS. This is also true for the mind and emotional levels that we will discuss later. Do you remember the adage that energy follows thought? It is thought that generates the impetus for action. The call for action within the brain is mediated by the neurotransmitter dopamine and then outflow from the frontal lobes of the brain to the muscles of the body.

The mind sub-level is air - cellular, biochemical and the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. The study of life, in the opinion of the author, is all about cell biology. The cell is the unit of life throughout the plant and animal kingdoms and the health of the individual cell is ultimately the health of whole body. The cell may be likened to a factory. This factory needs raw materials as input, a set of machines to transform the raw materials into product and a means to ship that product as output. It is the DNA of the cell nucleus within the chromosomal structures that guide all of the activities of the cell. Thus, chromosomes may be likened to the brain and DNA to the components of the CNS. The cells of the HPO live in an ocean (interstitial fluid -IF) attached to the extracellular matrix-EM (connective tissue) that the cell manufactures and secretes into that ocean. It is certain components within the IF (vitamins A & C and the mineral ion zinc) that causes the liquid components of the EM to become polymerized. The polymerization into fibers is a process that yields a result according to the material released by the individual cell and is subject to the mechanical tensions set up within the body. All cells are enmeshed in the resulting fibers that surround them and that are of their own making according to the tissue type the cells have matured into being. Thus, all structural cell types (the ones that make the seemingly solid frame of the body) are fixed in location and bathed by the IF much like a coral reef in the ocean. And like the coral reef in the ocean upon the Earth, the cell is living within the body. As the coral reef is subject to the vagaries of the environment (water, dissolved gases, dissolved minerals, other organisms, weather patterns, geomagnetic rhythms, solar rhythms) so is the cell within the body subject to the vagaries of the environment provided by the HPO as a whole. The cardio-pulmonary system provides the gases and currents. The digestive and urinary systems provide the nutrients and carry away the wastes. The immune system protects the cells and gets rid of the solid wastes in the tissues. The collective DNA of the body supposedly generates the morphogenic field that provides the blueprint for the EM that will comprise the solid frame of the body. All cells of the body respond to the rhythmic pulsations of the geomagnetic and electromagnetic fluctuations that are part of our greater environment. The HPO generates the energy flow that courses through the "meridians" in a 24-hour cycle. The biochemistry of the cell is clocked by these rhythmic cycles. According to the cell tissue type that each individual cell matures into being, the biochemical machinery will produce a product in response to the rhythms that regulate the expression of the DNA within the nucleus of the cell. The DNA will respond to the fluctuations and the result is a change over time of the types of cellular output accordingly. If the conscious mind allows the unconscious components of the mind to function in accordance with the natural rhythms that it naturally will respond to, then all is well. It is when the conscious mind interferes with the expression of the natural rhythms of the unconscious mind that problems arise. Thought, reflection is mediated by the neurotransmitter norepinephrine within the brain. Norepinephrine is heavily involved in the decision-making processes within the brain. This is where the decision processes of the conscious brain may interfere with the unconscious part of the brain. What we may want may not be in line with what is real and healthy. You may be aware that all kinds of propaganda are bombarding our senses because other persons are endeavoring to influence our decision-making processes. This is in addition to the information that our senses perceive from our unbiased living, working and playing environment. The socialization that we receive therefore plays a definite part in determining our health in the long term.

The emotional sub-level is water - hormones, response to environmental rhythms, and the neurotransmitter serotonin. The brain is a neuro-secretory organ. In fact, all neurons (the individual cells of the brain and nervous system) secrete molecules just like every other cell of the body. The neurons secrete neurotransmitters when signaling another neuron or some other effecter cell like a muscle spindle fiber. Some neurons are specialized to secrete signaling compounds into the blood stream. If these cells are in the hypothalamus, then the compounds are signaling molecules that tell other glands outside the nervous system proper to manufacture or stop the manufacture of specialized signaling compounds called hormones. Thus, the brain has two modes of signaling. A fast way using nerves with long extensions called axons and a slow way with hormones via the blood and IF. The fast way coordinates muscle action while the slow way coordinates the cellular biochemistry of the HPO through time. The brain does so in response to the rhythmic fluctuations of the geomagnetic and electromagnetic components of the environment. The neurons that are associated with HPO emotional behavior respond to the changes in the various hormone levels within the circulating blood and IF. The unconscious brain remembers things that the conscious brain does not. Certain emotions may be created by conscious intent but the unconscious brain associates emotional trauma with events, foods and mental states present at the time of the trauma. Any trauma whether of a physical, mental or emotional nature has the effect of stopping/blocking the smooth flow of energy within the body. It is fairly obvious when a physical trauma occurs. Mental and emotional trauma/abuse is more difficult to understand in light of the associations that the unconscious brain makes at the time of the trauma/abuse. People want to feel good about themselves and those that they associate with on a daily basis. Foods have many components to them and some seem more able to assist in the feel good phenomenon than others, like chocolate. Simple, refined carbohydrates seem to be another one. Thus people with a large component of emotional trauma/abuse in their lives tend to gain weight. These foods raise the levels of serotonin, which then calms and tends to put one to asleep. Serotonin is the oldest and most prevalent neurotransmitter in the HPO. Thus you may begin to understand why the unconscious elements of the brain have such a wide range of actions that may be compromised by some form of trauma. The emotional activity of the brain is controlled by neurons that are serotonin neurotransmitters.

Only three sub-levels were noted. However, there is another sub-level and that is of fire. This sub-level is fraught with controversy on many different cultural layers. It is this level that is alluded to by Yoga, Taoism, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as that of energy. This energy is not the same energy as that of cellular metabolism, the only one that modern Western science will acknowledge and thus the controversy. Any person that practices meditation will verify the fact of the existence of this energy. This energy is easily experienced and with sufficient practice may be utilized for the performance of various kinds of work inside of the body. The work of physics requires energy to move substance through a distance. The work of meditation requires energy to perform energetic correction only as no matter is moved through a distance. Meditation utilizes energy to remove disharmony from the body. This disharmony may have a physical, mental or emotional basis. Using the proper meditational exercises, any disharmony may be balanced and resonance within the individual thereby re-established. If one is sufficiently practiced in meditation, one will never become ill and one can easily correct any trauma experienced.

Now as in the past, the parasitic microorganisms that inhabit your digestive tract play a major role in the status of your health daily. Microorganisms are an integral part of our environment. They are in the soil, on surfaces we come in contact with and in the air we breath. At birth, we receive immune protection from our Mother's milks as the colostrum. From that point on, every person develops their own immune system while being immersed within their growing-up environment. The foods that you are provided, the manner of their preparation & serving and the growth, collection and preservation of these foods will determine the burden of microorganisms that your immune system encounters. Eating fermented milk products ensures that you have beneficial microorganisms inhabiting your digestive tract. However, there is a trade off at work here. Milk products have a tendency to cause phlegm in the body in critical organs: brain and lungs for example. Very well aged cheese is a microbial milk product that tends to have less phlegm producing effects. Thus, it is the opinion of the author that no-one past the age of 4 years should drink milk and certainly not the milk of cows. Other cultures drink goat milk, mares' milk and yak milk, to name a few of the more prevalent sources of milk and all affect the body in a different manner.

Yeasts are fungi that assist man in many ways for the production of various foods and food products. Some yeasts colonize the digestive tract of humans and cause problems to the individuals infected. These yeasts tend to cause people to crave sweets and simple carbohydrates. They are parasites and they cause many health problems like fibromyalgia, as an example. Natural ferments by the bacteria of Acidophilus and Lactobacillus species have the effect of keeping harmful yeasts from colonizing the digestive tract. This is where natural Sauerkraut, real pickles, and the various natural vegetable ferments by Acidophilus and Lactobacillus species come into play. These foods fermented by bacteria should be a part of every lunch and dinner meal. It is possible to buy them in limited quantities from certain grocery stores but everyone should learn to make their own ferments. This is not a major task once one learns what to do and gets properly set up. It is fun and very beneficial to health. The biggest problem is in keeping the ferment at the correct temperature of about 54 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why people culture ferments in caves or bury them in the ground, since this is the temperature of the soil 3 feet below the surface. One may buy Probiotics from your Health Food store. These manufactured cultures of Acidophilus and Lactobacillus species will help if you have not the inclination to make your own ferments. You may find them grown on various media to suit your particular needs. Pathogenic yeasts like Candida species cause a condition known in TCM as Dampness. Dampness is very debilitating to the digestive system and Dampness is the cause of many digestive and intestinal disorders. Diet plays a major role in the production and elimination of Dampness within the body. Go to for information about Dampness and how to combat this condtion.


It is difficult to come to any conclusions, as the only thing that does not change is change itself. Life is in rhythmic flux, in synchronization with the fluctuating rhythms of our universe. It seems to the author that the best way to survive and prosper in any time is to learn the difference between what is real and what is artifice. Learning to deal with the powers that be and still be able to provide a means for living that blends with the environment seems to be a worthy goal.

The basis of the author's maintenance of a healthy lifestyle has been enormously assisted by his meditative practice. It has been readily apparent to the author that as his experience in living in the human condition at this time in the affairs of man, the revelations obtained through the practice of meditation in regards to the human body and its overall functioning provides the basis for the validation of all subsequent knowledge learned through the study of what science has to offer.

It is unfortunate that people are not being taught how to properly take care of themselves and that those same people do have the inclination to learn for themselves how to properly take care of themselves. It is the intent of this work to assist those persons interested in learning how to do so to begin the process of learning what they need to know.

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