JUNE 2000

Updated January 2003


This Volume is dedicated to the elucidation and discussion of the Quantum Theory behind Bioelectromagnetic Medicine. It will in part paraphrase the work:

"Bioresonance and Multiresonance Therapy(BRT): New, Forward-looking Forms of Therapy with Ultrafine Body Energies and Environmental Signals. Documentation on Theory and Practice", by Hans Brugemann, Ed., 1993, Haug International, Brussels, Belgium, ISBN-2-8043-4010-4.

The work is in two parts, Part One-Introduction to Bioresonance Therapy and Part Two-New Avenues in Medicine & The Fundamentals of Bioresonance Therapy. It is Chapter Two: Fundamentals of Bioresonance Therapy by Dr. W. Ludwig, Horb, in Part Two that this article will be concerned with, it is of 76 pages. Please refer to this work for all the relevant details.

Because of the length of the article, it will be presented in this introduction and seven other parts(see below).

In a lecture at the Brugemann Institute, Gauting, 1988, Dr. Ludwig said: "The key to understanding bioresonance therapy lies in knowing and understanding the fact that all vital processes in the organism are influenced and controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. The electromagnetic processes according to the latest scientific findings are functionally superordinate to the biochemical processes".

What he is saying is that matter is a manifestation of energy. Biochemistry is then an outgrowth of the interactions between matter in living organisms. Biochemical processes thus have a component in the domain of electromagnetism, that is quanta and electromagnetic waves. It follows that the organism at this level, quantum realm, yields information which is not available to us chemically, but only by electronic means. This is the essential basis of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy. He states that the disturbances of biochemical sequences in biological systems, may be regarded as a disturbance to the order of electromagnetic oscillations in the body, triggered by exogenous and endogenous influences.

The above statement is substantiated by many years of solid research. These research results run "counter to the widespread belief that biochemical processes are causal". He states emphatically that this is not so! Examples of this research which shows that changes in the electromagnetic components of living organisms preceed those of biochemical changes are cited but are not relevant to this article. My many years of personal experience of being an accomplished meditator also confirms this assertion. Again, please refer to the original work for details.

The following sections:

  1. Burkhard Heim's Unified Quantum Field Theory
  2. Resonance-the Primordial Principle of Life
  3. Resonator Quality and Superconduction of Cellular Components
  4. Solitons-Solitary Wave Packets
  5. Water As An Information Store
  6. Ultrafine Biocybernetics
  7. The Bandpass-a Therapy Window
  8. Bibliography

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