Dyad II
20 December 1997

To assist yourself in tuning into the front-to-back energies, rock forward and backward while sitting in meditation from the base of the spine. Move your body through the midline until you are able to tune into the undulations which seemingly surge through you in a front-to-back-to-front-to-back repetative fashion. Start at the Basal Chakra and progress upwards to the Crown Chakra. Then blend all seven into one again and step/ move your consciousness backwards into the observer mode. Again, this will take some practice to accomplish. Now focus your attention without focusing on the Brow Chakra and the energy flow between it and the Bindu Chakra. What you want to do now is remove all impediments in order to smooth the flow between the Limbic System and the Cerebellum. You must deal with everything which presents itself at this time. Any sensation, any sound, any emotion, any thought and any jerks, spasms or muscle tension also. Spend time in cleaning up this pipeline by removing all the sludge. Duly recognize each intrusion and follow them to their source. Deal with each in an appropriate manner to have them pass into non-conscious oblivion. Practice the tuning into the flow back and forth between cleanings until the next intrusion.

Finally, no intrusions from without or within will present themselves. Just relax and ask the EGO to allow the soul expression revelations to come forth. You will get a sense of what time is and the nature of time in the personal (linear) sense and in the Universal (cyclic) sense. Thus your past lives which have pertinence to what you are now about will become available for you to know and come to understand. What you are truly about in this incarnation will become so obvious to you that you will see all the clues you were presented during your entire lifetime. You will now understand why some of the endeavors you embarked upon did not come to pass. You will learn to recognize individuals with whom you did or need to work out some karmic debt(s). You will learn that this lifetime is but a single pearl on an infinitely long necklace. You will learn that the necklace may be broken and you may not need to come back into physical existence upon the Earth again. You will learn to become a co-creator of the Universe within the scheme of the Ultimate Creator. You will now be that most feared of all physical entities, a self-realized human being!

Meditational Arts