The Limbic System-Cerebellar Dyad I

20 December 1997

When you are able to "double-cauliflower" your cerebrum and open the "thousand-petaled-Lotus" of the Pineal-Pituitary/Hypothalamic Axis at will, you are ready to next explore the subtleties of the Limbic System-Cerebellar Dyad.

You need to become intimately aware of your left and right hemisphere functions so as to realize that you are not your thoughts. The stimulation from outside yourself is at first running around like a pin-ball in an arcade pin-ball machine. As you meditate deeper and to more subtle levels, this quiets and the P-P/H Axis makes its efforts known. But still this is not really the source of what you come to sense as the self, the source of your consciousness.

At first, you will be able only to be aware of the front half of the dyad known as the Limbic System. This system has several functions but most importantly in this context is the arena of the EGO, the "I am". Yes, I am but even more subtle is the "Black-Velvet-Space", the "Void" or the Bindu Chakra. This "Space" is the back half of the dyad and is the Cerebellum which is where all of your memories reside. This is the source of your conscience, the prime motivater to the EGO for your soul expression in this incarnational round. The psychological anchoring concept is due to the fact that the sense of touch or any body movement assists in the conscious and unconscious retention of experience in its many forms. The EGO may assist by being passive or may retard anchoring or recall by blocking the memory from the body, cerebrum, mid-brain into/out of the cerebrum. Thus, if you are not able to learn or recall it is because you really do not want to do so, this is if all your faculties are functioning at optimum.

Getting to the ego is easy but stilling it so the oh so subtle voice of the soul may be heard is most difficult. This is the reason Bhuddist meditations are geared to "kill" the ego and Yogic meditations are geared to "still" the ego.

The EGO is most essential to being alive and functional in the jungle of our world. The world is a jungle and kill or be killed is the rule of survival. Most animals kill only to eat. Only man(rarely in animals) kills for the fun of it. Thus to kill the ego is counterproductive to being alive and well in our world. Much better would be to enlist the assistance of the ego in an effort to be successful in the real world without being overly selfish or greedy. We are here to relate to one another, to learn our lessons and to follow the passion of soul expression.

All the previous meditations have been up-down and side-to-side. These most subtle ones are front-to-back in orientation and commonly seen in older folks rocking back and forth in their rocking chair in the reflection of the "twilight years". They are accessing memories and making peace with them before they pass on to the next level.

In sitting meditation, perform all the previous exercises until all are clear and integrated so you may maintain your focus on the front-to-back energies without being focused, i.e., be steady in the observer mode and let your ego be passive. It will try to assert itself but just refocus on the front-to-back energies every time you have a thought or tune into something outside of yourself. It is the ego which allows you to focus intently. Now learn to focus without the intent as the observer. This will take time to learn. You will eventually find that all is still within yourself. Now you will start the true journey and the reason for all the previous meditational exercises.

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