Cerebrum & Corpus Callosum And
the Pineal-Pituitary/Hypothalamic Axis

Date Last Edited: 11 May 2006

As you gain proficiency in your sitting meditation as described in the Exercises And Techniques above in regards to the flow of energies within your "physical body" and the "energy body" interface, you will soon be able to distinguish energy flows and dynamically balanced energies within specific regions of this interface which are attendant to areas of the physical body.

The Basal Chakra and Throat Chakra are dynamically balanced through the feet & legs and the hands & arms respectively. These are paired left and right up the spinal cord, through the basal ganglia and on to the cerebrum. The concurrent energy flows feel like open links to/from the outside of the body, into/out of the respective opposite side of the cerebrum due to nervous decussation (crossing-over) and then out the same side of the head into the environment. The dynamic energies of the Earth(feet) are coupled with the dynamic energies of the atmosphere (hands) on the lower resonant frequencies and their harmonics as you cascade upwards through the Chakras.

If you switch your orientation after reaching a dynamic equilibrium with the up/down energies to the side-to-side orientation, you will then discover that on a more gross sensitivity than that of the chakras but less gross than that of the physical body, again the physical/etheric interface, you will discover a partial crossing-over at each level of the interface concurrent with area nervous decussation which appears to summarily culminate in the decussation between the cerebral hemispheres known as the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a very thick bundle of nerve fibers containing both myelinated and unmyelinated axons.

1. Frontal forceps 2. Corpus callosum commissural fibers 3. Short arcuate fibers 4. Occipital forceps 5. Indusium griseum 6. Medial longitudinal stria 7. Lateral longitudinal stria

Here, the cerebrum is partially removed to aid in viewing the radiations of the fibers.

The corpus callosum is the means by which the left and right cerebral hemispheres directly communicate between all areas of cell loci with left and right matching. It is of great benefit to have open and available all matching areas for maximum possible crosstalk between hemispheres. Thus, spending time to open up all matching areas is worthy. Choose any orientation desired and explore avidly. You will find that results seem to come a little at a time at first then in increasingly more swiftness the other areas will open up. Take time to do this exercise routinely for a few weeks until all areas are easily accessed and open.

If you are able then to dynamically balance all the etheric/physical and chakra energies below this cerebrum crosstalk and the crosstalk is smoothly flowing, then you will next begin to be aware of the Pineal-Pituitary/Hypothalamic Axis. This axis governs all the Neuroendocrine-Hormonal rhythms of the body which are in tune with the Universal and Solar System cycles and thus which dispose our daily, lunar and planetary influences. It is most critical that you tune in and only discover the rhythms and energy flows which are manifest. Any conscious alterations are to be avoided until you have a vast amount of experience. It is easy to unbalance your rhythms due to ignorance of what is actually happening. Simply monitor what occurs and discover your unique beingness as a chemically guided biochemical and behavioral entity.

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