Your Miracle Brain

The Salient Information, May 2000

On Neural Plasticity

New scientific evidence confirms that neurons are capable of dividing and growing even in centarians. Scientists in this "Decade of the Brain" have discovered so many new aspects which blow away the old myths about the brain that even the basics are having to be re-thought! This is due to the newest technologies which are being utilized in this pursuit of knowledge. The main thing learned is that neurons are more hardy than expected and may be resurrected from the dying and almost dead as it were. The adage of "Use It or Lose It" holds true, educated persons keep their faculties longest. Also, being in a constantly changing environment of a stimulatory nature helps to maintain your faculties. Again, chronic stress and improper diet are the "Big" killers.

What to Eat for a Miracle Brain

The "Bottom Line" as Ms. Carper puts it is that since the age of agriculture, we have been consuming a diet which our genes can not tolerate: from S. Boyd Eaton, M.D., Emory University in the Paleolithic Prescription. Stone Age foods such as wild fish and game, wild greens, fruits, berries and roots; ten thousand years ago were supplanted by grains, bread, cereals, dairy products and tame meat. The brain now was required to use foods which were not an integral part of its origins or genetic makeup. To make matters even worse, contemorary food processing robs our foods of what little they do have to give us!

Stone Age Diet

65% fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, honey
35% lean game, wild fowl, eggs, fish shellfish

Contemporary American Diet

55% cereals, grains, milk, milk products,
sugar, sweeteners, separated fats, alcohol
28% fatty meat, poultry, eggs, fish, shellfish
17% fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts

Ms. Carper lists ten ways to feed your brain:

1. Make fruits and vegetables the major part of your diet
2. Eat poultry without skin, or very lean meats and game
3. Eat legumes of all kinds, including peanuts, preferably unsalted
4. Eat nuts, notably walnuts and almonds
5. Eat fatty fish such as mackeral, herring, sardines, salmon without added vegetable oils
6. Restrict Omega-6 fats(especially corn oil), hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fatty acids; consume only high quality Olive Oil
7. Restrict sugar and sodium
8. Restrict processed foods
9. Take vitamin-mineral supplements, because it is impossible to totally imitate a nutrient-rich Stone-Age diet
10. Take fish oil capsules if you do not eat fish several times a week

A word to the wise is sufficient!!!!!


Oxygen-free radicals are your brains worst enemy! Free radicals are what ages your body!

Super Antioxident Fruits and Vegetables

The best is pitted prunes by far! Then raisins, blueberries, blackberries, garlic, kale, cranberries, strawberries, raw spinach, raspberries and plums in descending order.

This book details everything you need to know about this subject without becoming too technical. An excellent book, a vital book!

Dr. Edward F. Block IV, Ph.D.

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