Meditations On the Human Body-Field

E. F. Block
June 2017


Recently, during intensive meditation, the author noticed a new approach to looking at the phenomenon of the overall human body-field. What follows in the discussion is a description of the result of those novel revelations. Please read previous articles concerning the Human Body-Field for background information pertinent to the discussion: (


The description of energy flow within the human body was first promulgated by the practitioners of what would be called Raja(Royal) Yoga. These teachings were then taken to what is now called Tibet. From Tibet, these practices were shared with the peoples of the area now called China. Thus, Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cultures have colored the ideas, descriptions and practices of meditation throughout the ages. Here in contemporary North America, it is no different. The author has chosen to present ideas that are as devoid of cultural bias as possible in the description of what the practice of meditation has revealed. The author has had an extensive Western University education and that shows in the attempt to describe the revealations in seemingly "scientific" terms. In any case, any usage of any "jargon" terminology will be clarified for the edification of the reader. However, as is always the case in describing a body of knowledge, some experience of the phenomenon under discussion is required in order to grasp the essential concepts presented.

Through the midline of the human body is an energy field that rotates with an orientation that originates below the feet, in the core of the Earth. It rises in front of the body and enters through the front and inside of the feet, legs and lower abdomen and then curls into the nodal centers of the body, within the body cavity proper. Concurrently, there is another starting origin that arises far above the head, enters the head and descends downwards through rear and lateral portions of the body and into the nodal centers of the body cavity proper. The Chinese cultural expression of this phenomenon is Yin and Yang.

This orientation gives rise to a spinning, flatened disk that is shaped like an ellipse. The spin orientation is up in front and down in back. The Chinese cultural expression is that of the Ren and Du meridians. The ellipse has 2 foci, 1 in the abdominal brain and 1 in the skull brain. However, the ellipse may assume the shape more closely resembling that of a circle or ovoid with the center within the middle of the chest in the region of the location of the organ known as the "heart".

The 7 nodes (or Chakras) reside within the body proper with the area of the heart as the central location with 3 more located above and below. Please review previous articles if you need clarification of this fact. Because of this distribution of nodal states, the energies entering into the human body-field take on a more localized orientation within the overall whole. Each node becomes an organizing point for the distribution of energy. In actual fact, 2 nodes set up a distribution that results in a smaller rotating disk between the 2 nodes, much like the central organizing disk (ellipse). These disks become tubes of energy moving away from the centerline of the body in a linearly grouped stack, 1 on top of the other. Thus, there are 6 smaller rotating tubes within the overall central ellipse with the same spin orientation as the central disk, up in front and down in back. These 6 tubes are the means of interaction between the environment and the field(s) of the host body. It is also the means for interaction with other human body-fields.

The author has shown in previous articles that the body of knowledge called "Astrology" is based in neurophysiology and the human body-field. See the articles found here: ( The 6 tubes lend a conceptual picture that enhances the earlier findings. The tubes radiate outwards from between 2 adjacent nodes. The spin is the same in either lateral direction from the nodal center, up in front and down in back. However, the ends of the tubes have a spin orientation that is clockwise on the left side of the body and counter-clockwise on the right side of the body. Thus, the 6 tubes become in effect 12 tubes. These 12 tubes are then the basis for the 12 astrological signs.


As always, the author continues to progress the state of the Art Of Meditation and presents the results to you the reader. In this work, a novel view of the human body-field was presented in the discussion. Described was the idea that dynamic processes within the overall human body-field may be likened to tubes of circulating energy connected to and radiating from a central flat organizing ellipse.

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