Melatonin: The Answer To Electropollution?

Last Edited: December 1999

Melatonin(M) and the Pineal Gland(PG)

Recently, there has been quite a stir about the role of M, a protein produced by the PG.

The PG is located at the top of the mid-brain and is neuro-endocrinal in function, it produces compounds which affect other nerve cells.

The production of M by the PG fluctuates with the rhythms of the day-night cycle due to the rotation by the Earth about it's axis as it orbits the sun.

M levels in the brain are greatest during the night when the PG is most active in it's production and lowest during the daytime.

M is the hormone of darkness.

Thus, M is in part responsible for the sleep/activity cycle in mammals including mankind, and a yearly rhythm in photoperiodic species.

M determines reproductive status in these photoperiodic animals.

beta-Lipotropin (b-L)

M is but one of several polypeptides and protein which is cut from a very large protein called b-L.

The PG makes b-L and chops it up into several different fragments which ultimately have definite behavioral effects.

The PG stores these fragments and releases them into the cerebro-spinal fluid or spits them onto the surfaces of other nerve cells.

The PG splits up b-L in a variety of different ways to produce a wide range of fragments.

The PG does the spitting and splitting according to the rhythmic periodicity in the fluctuations in the energies and fields produced by the Solar System, the Interplanetary Magnetic Field(IMF), and those of the Earth, the Geomagnetic Field(GMF).

Regulation of Behavior

The released polypeptides and proteins regulate the activities of other nerve cell aggregations called nuclei or loci throughout the brain.

The activities of these nerve cells are for the most part responsible for mood, feeding, sex, exploration, sleep, etc., i.e., your behavior.

Any type of disruption in the normal rhythms of these cells then will also disrupt your other cycles of behavior.

The example of jet lag is a classical case of disrupted normal rhythms caused by the too rapid physical displacement from the area of residence and the background fluctuations of electromagnetic and geomagnetic energies/fields associated with this area of residence into an area of differing background energies/fields.


The discipline of PNI has shown the intimate relationship between the brain and the Immune System(IS).

Cells of both the Nervous System(NS) and the IS produce exactly the same types of regulatory compounds called cytokinins.

These compounds effect not only the cells of the same system but also those of the other system likewise, in a manner to regulate the overall workings of each type of individual cell and thus both systems simultaneously.

The interruptions of the normal rhythms of the nervous elements of the brain is a major cause of depression.

Depression is the result of un-coupling the normal and rhythmic production of the regulatory compounds being produced to favor those which inhibit normal functioning processes, without the benefit of eventual habituation.

As the genetic heritage of people differs, some people are not as able to adjust their neuro-endocrine processes to the vagaries of our modern world and the plethora of electromagnetic pollution.

Chronic Depression(CD)

CD has been determined to be the single most detrimental factor in the lessening of the functioning of the IS.

The IS enables the body to get rid of any "not-self" living entities such as viruses, bacteria, foreign cells and altered-self cells.

All the cells of your body have on their surfaces certain components which are unique to you and you alone, and possibly your maternal twin, but no-one else or nothing else.

Depression interferes with the capacity of the various immune cells to do the job of clearing away all the "not-self" debris and foreign elements including any altered-self cells.

An altered-self cell is a cancer which will grow and spread if not destroyed and removed.

You will have altered-self cells being produced all the time, this is a normal event in life.

You do not get "Cancer" if your IS cells rid the body of the altered-self cells, as they do every day you are alive.

Thus, anything which interferes with the normal functioning of your IS will contribute to your eventual death.

Ultimately then, anything which interferes with the normal production and release of M by the PG will also contribute to your eventual death since M is essential for a healthy and functioning IS.

Chronic Stress

The second most detrimental factor in the lessening of the functionality of the IS is chronic stress (CS).

The body responds to stress by producing Norepinephrine(NE).

NE is more commonly known as adrenaline.

NE stimulates all cells of the body including the immune cells.

CS stimulates cells to the point that their functionality is eventually less than it was just coasting along before the CS began due to depletion.

This eventual depression of your IS results in any invading "not-self" and foreign elements to gain the upper hand and cause illness or let altered-self cells become tumors.

If your body is not able to cope with the stress and diminished immune function by what ever means, death is the eventual outcome.

What I Question To Be Going On

Certainly, all I will write about is circumstantial and inferential.

But let me paint for you a picture.

It is interesting that you are now able to get M over the counter just about anywhere.

Why is this so?

More amazingly, why do we not need a prescription for M?

Are the drug companies really so magnanimous?

What is the role of the Federal Drug Agency(FDA) in all of this?

What role is our government playing here?

Why is information about M being spread in the media?

What is not being told to us?

My Conjecture

I believe that I know the answer to the above questions and I will explain to you also what "THEY" do not want you to know!

It all started with an argument between the factions of the electrical power industry moguls at the turn of the 20th Century.

One faction wanted numerous, small power generating plants supplying direct current.

The other wanted a few big centralized power plants supplying alternating current.

George Westinghouse got his way and A.C. plants with high voltage transmission lines became the norm.

Next came the explosive growth(a Cancer?) of radio, and then T.V., radar and microwave transmissions.

The result is the now lethal production of electromagnetic radiation now swamping our country and the world, the effects of which "THEY" steadfastly deny exist.

The Basis Of My Assertions

Two recent publications shed light on the how and why of the dangerous levels of electromagnetic pollution to which we are being exposed against our will.

These are only two of the pertinent publications of the very many which may be found in print by reputable scientists.

They all come to the same conclusions.

Publication One

"Electromagnetic Fields And Circadian Rhythmicity", 1992, Editors: M.C. Moore-Ede, S.S. Campbell and R.J. Reiter. Birkhouser, Boston.

1. There exists a causal relationship between electric and magnetic field exposure and changes in both cellular and organismal physiology.

2. One of the best known effects is the decrease of circadian M production by the PG which is also associated with some malady such as depression and Cancer.

3. Another effect is alteration of nervous function and endogenous opioid systems which disrupt a wide range of behavioral and homeostatic functions.

4. These electromagnetic fluxes are ubiquitous and increasing.

Publication Two

"Biological Effects Of Electric And Magnetic Fields", 1994, Volume I-Sources And Mechanisms, Volume II- Beneficial and Harmful Effects, Editors: David O. Carpenter and Sinerik Ayraperyan. Academic Press.

1. 60 Hz. alternating current interferes with many normal enzyme activities.

2. Extra Low Frequencies(ELF) alters the rate of chemical reactions by speeding up activation and transition processes.

3. Strong magnetic fields affect membrane phenomena but are entirely reversible.

4. Magnetic fields depress calcium ion uptake by cells via an alteration of the water of hydration surrounding the ion.

5. Invertebrates and lower vertebrates are able to detect and to respond to magnetic and electric fields.

6. ElectroMagnetic Frequency(EMF) exposure has been implicated in certain cancers, depression and miscarriages due to the depression of M synthesis by the PG which is necessary for normal immune functioning.

7. Even though magnetic and electric fields cause an increase in activity, animals show no preferences for or against them.

8. All animals and humans are able to detect electric fields, but few are able to detect magnetic fields.

9. Microwave radiation definitely causes considerable stress related responses in humans.

10. Microwave radiation definitely stimulates autoimmune processes and inhibits cell-mediated immunity.

The Cover-up

As you can read and determine for yourself, there is a gigantic cover-up going on.

I personally have attended meetings and seminars for persons in the Health Physics profession.

Various aspects of research concerning the above facts were the topics of ardent discussion.

The health-care industry, State and Federal governments, the power industry and scientists all know what is happening.

Their main concern has not been for the welfare of the citizens of this country but for the staggering amounts of litigation and monetary awards which they would be liable to pay when the public finds out what really is going on.

They also do not want to give up the benefits of A.C. transmission and communications usage which is mushrooming.

Thus, they have come up with this solution of mediating the problem.

Those which are not able to adapt, will die.

The Drug Problem

It is my contention that the drug problem in this country is directly attributable to the levels of electromagnetic pollution which interferes with the endogenous opioid systems in the brain.

People are merely trying to medicate themselves from the adverse affects of the electromagnetic pollution.

The governments have made it impossible to obtain needed drugs except by prescription or illegally.

The Solution

Finally, they have done something half-way right, half-way because it would be better to remove the source of electromagnetic pollution.

Now you are able to buy, relatively cheaply, melatonin over the counter.

Hopefully, this will assist persons in reversing the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution and help right the insane world in which we live.

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"Toxicology Of Melatonin", Guardiola-Lemaitre, B., Journal Of Biological Rhythms, December 1997; Volume 12(6), pages 697-706.

By Edward Frederick Block IV, Ph.D.

Science Section