A Scheme For Mapping the "Block" or "Cube"

E. F. Block
June 2016

In the 2013 article, the block/cube was mapped with the ASCII code. However, code breaking always seems to be a letter game. Thus this article is about a scheme to circumvent that aspect of code breaking.

The scheme involves the creation of a 3-D cube based upon the number of words that are in the message that will need to be encoded and transmitted.

Simply, a prime number block/cube is created with the dimensions that will adequately map the total number of words and punctuation for any particular message. The origin of the block/cube is the origin of the cartesian space created within the block/cube. The mapping may be assigned to any particualr scheme desired with only 3 points for each datum space, as in the 2013 article. The datum point designators are only limited by the size of the 3-D structure.

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