Thoughts on Karma and Good Vibrations

Date Last Edited: September 2001

Karma is usually thought of as a concept meaning that the quality of one's actions in this lifetime determines one's destiny in the next lifetime. Obviously, one needs to ascribe to the notion of transmigration of the soul or reincarnation. What I would like to address, however, is a concept more immediately experienced by everyone whom is sentient. I have pondered upon the behavior which I have received from others which seemed to be totally inappropriate to the internal state of my beingness. I have commented upon this fact to others and invariably get the reply: "What goes around comes around", "You must have been putting out bad vibes", "You must have unconsciously done something to upset them", "Your body language challenged them", etc. I have accepted the fact that I am not perfect. However, I do know when I am emoting negative energies whether physical, emotional or mental! When I am clear inside, at peace with myself and all that is around me, why does someone whom I have never met or seen give me a ration of garbage? Is it that I am simply there? I think it has to do with something called, "Good Vibes". When you are laughing, everyone laughs with you except those whom are hurting, they usually get upset with you. People talk about the "Chemistry" between themselves and their enemies or significant other. What is the basis of these vibes? What are the vibes being felt? By what means do people feel these vibes? What generates these vibes in people? This is all in the realm of the occult since I know of no means of measuring people's vibes as yet. The word occult simply means hidden and has no judgmental connotation. I guess this is where I lay it all out for you, as far as my understanding at this time anyway.

All matter has attendant energies/fields associated with it which is measurable. The components of your body is made up of matter and thus has the sum total of these energies/fields as a composite. Living systems have in addition to these energies/fields, other energies which are not now characterizable by our machines. The source of these energies/fields are originated in the hereditary material of each of us which appears to produce a morphogenic field within which our body/matter structures itself. The development of the adult from the single egg and sperm union proceeds along proscribed developmental pathways to produce a dynamic system capable of interaction with all in its environment. All includes other persons and living things. The overall energy/field pattern of the dynamic flow of energies and their attendant fields of one persons body is what is felt by other living entities. This pattern then is the basis of the vibes which are felt. Persons have varying abilities to feel the pattern of others.

Bad vibes means that the overall pattern of the "bad" person does not resonate in harmony with those doing the reading. Good vibes means that sufficient harmony is reached with the "good" person by the person doing the reading. Thus, it appears that the basis of dislike between persons does not necessarily have to do with the behavior of those persons. Obviously, spend time with those with whom you resonate in harmony!

This raises yet another twist to the perceptions of sensitive persons. Those whom are able to tune into the memories and karmic record of a person is able to perceive the relative "goodness" and "badness" of a person and feel uncomfortable in their presence if sufficient badness has accumulated.

In general, those whom are left brain hemisphere oriented seem to deal with life as a series of tasks to perform as the need arises, seeking satisfaction of those needs through demands in others. Likewise, those whom are right brain hemisphere oriented seem to deal with life as a series of demands by others to satisfy or looking for those whom would demand of them to satisfy mutual needs. People usually experience enough of life to discover how they like others to satisfy their needs or conversely what they will do to satisfy their own needs as well as those of the person doing the demanding.

Thus, If I am in a particular environment and someone endeavors to elicit a particular response from me and I do not respond in the appropriate manner of the demanding person, I am "bad" according to that person and they get upset with me. It has nothing at all to do with my state of beingness, just my apparent lack of appropriate behavior on their part. If I do not give my consent to give you what you ask of me, why should you get angry at/with me? Persons emitting negative vibes come into contact with those emitting positive vibes. The negatively charged person desires to balance their energy so as to feel "good". They learn to "steal" this positive energy in very subtle ways. A self-aware person, without resisting, simply does not give away any positive energy to "fill" the neagtive persons void. The negative person has a mostly unconscious knowledge of your unconscious(or perhaps conscious) refusal to let go of your positive energy. Thus they negatively discharge in your direction in order to push you into engaging them and allowing them to drain you.

I say, find someone else whom will give you what you want! The pushing of the demanding person is the basis of assault on what ever level you may describe. Consensual interpersonal interaction is the goal, and thus the aspect of co-dependency arises.

I am not bad simply because I do not give someone what they demand of me, this is oppression. These concepts needs to be taught to children very early in life. It needs to be taught in a manner which does not set up a pattern of manipulation on either part. Children need discipline until their mental faculties are sufficiently able to comprehend understanding why parents want things done in the manner which they demand.

People find and live with those whom will blend optimally with their own needs and ability to acquiesce according to their own energy/field patterns. Astrology appears to be a system of analysis which has been empirically developed through many centuries of observation and conceptualization which is remarkably able in its ability to describe the influences which people will bring to their relationships. These influences describe the vibes and behavior of the parties in the relationship as it matures and stabilizes. Much karmic influence is revealed in personal Natal Charts also.

Beingness is a dual-edged sword which rends the fabric of existence. One edge is the expression of the Physical Aura. The other edge is the expression of the personality. Both edges are determined by genetic heritage and modified within the context of learned behavior as far as inherent plasticity will allow. Thus, your interactions with other persons are based upon both your Physical Aura and your Personality. Understanding this fact allows one to comprehend why others interact, react and treat you in the manner in which they do so. If others react and treat you in a manner to your judgment to be ascertained as negative, it may be the result of either your physical aura, your personality or both. Thus, in dealing with others, it is of paramount importance to learn the difference between circumstantial disharmony and deliberate abuse and maltreatment. It is unwise to react to circumstantial dis-harmony between your physical aura, personality or both and that of another person with projected abuse, violence or other maltreatment. Such behavior is counter-productive, socially unacceptable and the basis of negative karmic influence. The development of tolerance, compassion and understanding that not all persons are created alike is the basis of creative interaction and social harmony.

The Physical Aura may be characterized as the summation of all the aspects of your physical body which is projected into space, i.e., the overall pattern of energies and their attendant fields which occupy space and subtend the physical matter of your body. You cannot have a physical body without the energies and fields and vice versa. Thus the resonance and dissonance with other's energies and fields as they interact with yours is the basis for why you prefer to be in the company of certain individuals and shun that of others. The circumstances of this effect is not based upon what kind of person they are but solely upon the genetic heritage expressed in the physical makeup of their body. All persons differ in the types of energies and field combinations and the strengths of these elements. This is partly the basis for what is termed non-conscious body language. This is also the basis for recognition of "psychic" elements, by sensitive individuals, within each of us.

This recognition of "psychic" elements within each of us involves also aspects of the personality. The personality of each person is radiated in much the same way as the physical aura but on different frequencies or wavelengths. Unless one learns to dampen these frequencies, they are easily "read" by sensitive individuals.

The personality is in part determined by genetic heritage but also in part by learned behavior within the plasticity afforded by your genetic heritage. Thus, both nature and nurture play a role in the development of any person's personality, Much of what we learn as appropriate behavior is gotten from family members, especially the parents. Later, more distant kin and peer individuals assist in rounding out our repertoire of behavioral expressions. Unfortunately, today television has usurped the role which both family and religious groups played in the development of the personality in past times.

A persons traits of personality are of themselves neutral in most cases. Some are deliberate in their effect upon others. Thus, we need to exercise tolerance and get to know a person before passing judgment upon them. Being overly sensitive to certain traits keeps the ability to constructively interact at a minimum. Being "thick-skinned" helps one to keep personal stress to a minimum. If someone seems rude or abusive in some manner, it does no good to get upset. Keep your cool and determine why the other person is acting in this manner towards you. Perhaps something in your unconscious behavior has upset the other person. Deliberate abuse is something else again. When such events occur to me, I always make an effort to apologize for whatever has caused the upset so as to get an idea as to my inappropriate behaviors. One has to be able to allow the ego to "rest easy" while learning to be more productive and constructive in the interaction with others. What behaviors one may have learned in the past to protect and to assist you may now be inappropriate and need to be modified.

In summary, the "Good Vibrations" we feel in the company of those whom we like and cherish are the basis for continued joy in sharing. The "Bad Vibes" we feel in the company of those whom make us feel uncomfortable, threatened or inadequate are the basis for learning to expand our repertoire of behavioral expressions by the continued growth and development of our personality. The challenge is to be able to allow oneself to grow in the presence of disharmonious situations. The personal sense of accomplishment one feels when such situations are successfully worked through is one of growing tolerance and understanding of both oneself and of others.

Please let me know of your thoughts concerning this topic of discussion.

Edward F. Block IV, Ph.D.

Meditational Arts