The known origin of the concept of the Human Body-Field is lost in antiquity! However, it could have been generated by our human progenitors in various regions of our world. It was first formally systematized by those human beings that inhabited the mountainous regions in what is now known as India. One of the 8 paths of Yoga is that of meditation. It was those practitioners of the art of meditation that realized that their body energies resonated with those found in the environment. They conceived of the concept of Prana, the energy in the air that entered the body with each breath. This energy is now known as the Birkland Currents. They also merged the energies of their bodies with that of light (electromagnetic frequencies, EMF) and the Earth (geomagnetic frequencies, GMF). The primary purpose of their meditations was to harmonize their bodies with the GMF and then to ascend up the Chakras or Jacob's Ladder to higher frequencies of EMF. It was the secondary purpose to harmonize the mind with the higher EMF so as to acquire both knowledge and understanding, the foundations of wisdom.

As will be shown in a later presentation, the concept of the human body-field was shared to many peoples around the world that then re-created the concept according to thair cultural expression. From the time of the Hellens (Greeks) and Romans to the present day, various authors have shared their experiences concerning the subject of energies within the human body. The unfortunate fact that their efforts were tied to the concept of Vitalism was a detriment to their work. It is true that their is no special Vital energy attendant to living entities. It is also true that the means of describing, characterizing and knowing the GMF & EMF energies was lacking during earlier times. Today, fortunately, work of the utmost scientific rigor has lifted the veil of ignorance. The understanding of the ancients is now coupled with the knowledge afforded by modern technology to yield the wisdom that is to be shared with humankind. Thus, this project seeks to further the understanding by mankind of the Human Body-Field and to offer that understanding for the benefit of mankind.

The Human Body-Field Project