The Flow of Life Energies
E. F. Block IV
27 Feb 2004
Updated July 2010

The energies of living organisms are of many types. Those we normally think of as heat, chemical and mechanical are readily understood. The more subtle energies termed scalar are not so well characterized nor understood. Only living organisms are able to accumulate and utilize these energies that are called Bioscalar energies. The concept of "Qi" or "Prana", that energy which is utilized by the physical body of a living organism, is the term ascribed to the energies of living organisms by Chinese Qigong and Indian Yoga respectively. These energies are ultimately derived from two sources. These two sources are the energies attendant to the Gravitomagnetic Field (GMF) of the Earth and the Solar System Interplanetary Electromagnetic Field Matrix (SSIEFM) of the Sun, Planets and other Heavenly Bodies that comprise the Solar System. The GMF of all the Heavenly Bodies, that have magnetic fields, fluctuate in rhythmic pulsations and have dynamic flows of energy within these fields. All the GMFs of those Heavenly Bodies that have magnetic fields fluctuate and pulsate in resonance with the fluctuations and pulsations of the GMFs of the Sun. These resonances are modified by the interaction of a planet, its moon(s) and neighbors. The Electromagnetic emissions of the Sun and Jupiter bombard all of space. This "Light" energy may be absorbed by living entities and utilized for various required functions. These energies are a component of our natural environment.

These energies and fields are also a component of the matter that makes up our universe. The forces attendant to matter (such as gravity, nuclear and atomic forces) are such as to create the universe as we know it and the thermonuclear activity internal to the Sun. With the expenditure of gravitomagnetic energy and electromagnetic energy that is generated within and without the Sun, is also generated one component of the "Qi"/"Prana". The other is derived from the food that we consume.

The reception and utilization of the Qi/Prana by the human body is open for discussion, as no scientific explanation as yet has been offered. I will attempt to do so. It is my hypothesis that what is referred to as the Chakra System of Indian Yoga and the Meridian System of Chinese Qigong is the means for this reception, conversion and utilization by the Etheric Body (EB) of the Human Body (HB). The HB has a physical structure that is made up of various elements of matter arranged into molecules that generates a distinct field due the nature of the matter of which it is comprised. The body has two parts. One part is the living cells within the body and the other part is the extracellular matrix that gives the shape to what we call the body. All parts are comprised of the elements of the material universe. The energies of the EB of the HB are not the same as those of this matter field. The EB is a result of the sum of all the energies being generated by those cells that comprise the living part of the body. A part of the energies are Bioscalar. Bringing together two opposing streams of the same type of energy creates Bioscalar energies. The frequency and vector components of the energies cancel and what remains is scalar energy. This Bioscalar energy is then utilized by the body just as that of the energy derived from the food that we eat.

The distributions of the subtle energies for use by the living body that comprise the EB are by the System of Nadis from Yoga as Prana and the Meridians of Qigong as "Qi". The 7 Chakras and 3 Dantian via the Nadis/Meridians accomplish conversion and distribution of the received gravitomagnetic and electromagnetic energies. The 3 Dantian are the lower, the middle and the upper. The lower Dantian converts the gravitomagnetic energies. The upper Dantian converts the electromagnetic energies. The middle Dantian blends the two and distributes them to the 7 Chakras. The Chakras select and distribute the energies to the body regions via the Nadis and Meridians. This is all accomplished at the Etheric Core of the body and is controlled by the Whole of the living part of the body via gap junctions between each individual cell and its neighbors. This is the most ancient form of coordination by the living body. It is the Bioscalar energy that students of meditation learn to cultivate and utilize consciously.

The distribution of energy via the nadis or meridians circulates the Qi/Prana to the areas of the body for the functioning of the whole body Morphogenic field that subtends the living body and the cells, the tissues and the organs that make up the functional units of the whole organism, the HB. This flow of energy is quite specific and has been mapped over the superficial surface layer of the skin of the HB as the Zang-Fu meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thus, from the core to the surface, there is a flow of Qi/Prana to successive layers of the body tissues and organs and back into the core again in a cyclic pattern. The word "nadi" means "flow" in Hindu. The theory of Prana in India predates that of Qi in China. The nadis of Prana have 3 main channels. These channels are the Ida, Pingala and Shushumna. The Shushumna flows centrally between the Chakras and then enters the surface of the body at the Du-20 point of Acupuncture at the top of the skull. The Shushumna then flows anteriorly and downwards alongside Ren meridian of Acupuncture and posteriorly and downwards alongside the Du meridian of Acupuncture. It then re-enters the body at Ren 1 and flows into the central axis to complete the circuit. As all circuits are dynamic, there is a reverse flow also. This again is what creates Bioscalar energies where they are needed by the living body. In fact, the Du and Ren meridians of Acupuncture have bi-directional flows composed of an ascending flow (Yin) and a descending flow (Yang).

The Ida corresponds to the inner Urinary Bladder meridian on the left of the Du meridian on the back and the Kidney meridian on the left of the Ren meridian on the chest and abdomen. The Pingala corresponds to the same on the right side. The Ida and Pingala energies flow parallel to the midline Shushumna and generate the left-hand/foot clock-wise spin energies and the right-hand/foot counter-clock-wise spin energies respectively. All these flows are balanced dynamically. The Qi/Prana then enters the meridian/nadi system in the EB core and is distributed to the successive layers of the whole body: deep pathways of the regular and divergent channels, the extra channels, the regular channels, the divergent channels, the connecting collateral channels, the minute collateral channels and the cutaneous channels. In this manner, the movement of Qi/Prana in the HB is akin to the overall movement of the gravitomagnetic energy flow of the Earth and is also toroidal in shape.

The smooth and uninterrupted flows of Qi/Prana within and without the HB are paramount for optimum good health. The Qi/Prana of the HB appears to flow with a concentration of energy in a particular meridian according to a rhythmical time period. This flow is concentrated in the Lung meridian at 3 AM to 5 AM and then moves to the Large Intestine meridian. Please refer to the chart below for a complete description.

Lung 3 AM to 5 AM > Large Intestine 5 AM to 7 AM, Chest to Hand movement
Large Intestine 5 AM to 7 AM > Stomach 7AM to 9 AM, Hand to Face movement
Stomach 7AM to 9 AM > Spleen 9 AM to 11 AM, Face to Foot movement
Spleen 9AM to 11 AM > Heart 11 AM to 1 PM, Foot to Chest movement
Heart 11 AM to 1 PM > Small Intestine 1 PM to 3 PM, Chest to Hand movement
Small Intestine 1 PM to 3 PM > Urinary Bladder 3 PM to 5 PM, Hand to Face movement
Urinary Bladder 3 PM to 5 PM > Kidney 5 PM to 7 PM, Face to Foot movement
Kidney 5 PM to 7 PM > Pericardium 7 PM to 9 PM, Foot to Chest movement
Pericardium 7 PM to 9 PM > San Jiao 9 PM to 11 PM, Chest to Hand movement
San Jiao 9 PM to 11 PM > Gall Bladder 11 PM to 1 AM, Hand to Face movement
Gall Bladder 11 PM to 1 AM > Liver 1 AM to 3 AM, Face to Foot movement
Liver 1 AM to 3 AM > Lung 3 AM to 5 AM, Foot to Chest movement

Thus we have 3 courses of cyclical movement from chest to hand, from hand to face, from face to foot and from foot to chest alternating back and forth between Yang and Yin at the extremities but not at the head and chest.

Any disruption of this cyclical flow of energy will result in a physical abnormality and the symptoms of disease somewhere within the HB according to the meridian involved and the time course of that meridian. Thus, there is a direct relationship between the meridians and the physical structures of the whole body: both parts, living and non-living. There is always a disruption of the harmonious flow of energy before any symptom of disease may be observed.

The basis of therapy involves the removal of blockages, augmentation of depletion and sedation of excess within the meridian system according to the signs, symptoms and syndromes observed in the physical, mental and emotional beingness of the individual. This is accomplished through diagnosis of the symptoms and syndromes and then the manipulation of the energies of the meridians by various means according to the relationships between the HB and the meridian(s) involved. There are specific points located on the surface of the body that extend to somewhat deeper structures such as muscle. These points have been discovered empirically through trial and error over a period of many centuries. These points are related to the alleviation of symptoms and syndromes according to the meridian involved. They are most importantly related to the balancing of energy disruption within the meridian system in order to achieve dynamic balance of the energy distribution system of the whole body according to the meridian involved. Pressure, needling, light, heat, cold and direct electric current are a few of the methods employed to stimulate the points on the meridians in order to alter the flow of energy within the meridian system and bring into balance the overall individual EB system into resonance with the GMF of the Earth and the SSIEFM. This restores balanced functionality within the HB/EB and the desired state of optimum health.

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