East-West Therapeutic Perspectives

by Edward Frederick Block IV, Ph.D.
Updated February 2007

Disease, Healing and Therapy

Part One- Concerning Disease Concepts

The process of growth and development of an organism is an intimate part of the organism's genetic heritage. The genetic heritage which each organism expresses is the result of successful evolution of the community of which the individual is a part. The evolution of that genetic heritage has evolved within the backdrop of the evolution of our Solar System. Homeostasis is a construct used to describe the ability of the genetic expression of the individual to constantly adjust to the fluctuations of the fields and energies of the Solar System and the Earth. The loss of that ability to adequately adjust to those fluctuations results in derangements of various genetic expressions which we may call as illness. An energetic perturbation ALWAYS precedes observable symptoms. The causes of derangement are many:
  1. adverse genetic mutation
  2. unbalancing and disruptive external energies and fields
  3. rigid thought patterns
  4. inadequate diet
  5. attack by pathogens
  6. physical trauma
  7. mental/emotional trauma

Illness with which our genetic expression is not able to cope results in a chronically impaired organism or possibly death. Our genetic expression has a means of regaining health and vigor by means of bringing into being various strategies termed as healing. The progression of scale for the symptoms of illness as derangement is as follows and always heals in the exact reverse order of perturbation:
  1. balanced cellular metabolism and biochemistry
  2. perturbation causing imbalance
  3. unbalanced cellular metabolism and biochemistry
  4. cellular derangement
  5. tissue derangement
  6. organ derangement
  7. organismal illness

Part Two- Concerning Healing Concepts

Healing is an aspect of rheostasis (a more correct term than homeostasis) and constitutes a balancing of cellular metabolism and biochemistry. Healing strategies are scalar, hierarchical and depend upon the nature and extent of perturbation. The body is able to do so and will heal itself if allowed. A healing modality is a means by which one's healing processes are assisted in moving any derangement into rheostasis. Specifically, healing involves the re-establishment of resonance between genetic expression and the fields and energies surrounding the individual. The result is that healing always involves the removal of the products of deranged metabolism and thus physical symptoms dissipate according to the bodies ability to accommodate. Diet, food and water that is derived from the location that one inhabits, is a very real part of the energies and fields that impinge upon our bodily energies and fields.

Part Three- Concerning Therapy Concepts

The word "Therapy", as a part of any medical philosophy, denotes some form of a healing modality applied to someone in an ill state of beingness. The therapy applied depends upon the nature of the perturbation and derangement. there are three "Pathies" of Western medical philosophy:
  1. Allopathy is the standard, modern, scientific Western medicine espousing "Opposites Cure" therapies. Allopathy seeks to eliminate the causal agent and alleviate the symptoms of the "disease". Medical Doctors are merely technicians for the drug companies whom love surgical interventions.
  2. Homeopathy is the "energetic" Western medicine espousing "Similars Cure" therapies. Homeopathy is similar to Oriental Medicine in the desire to bring the entire person into harmony. The Homeopathic Phyician seeks to discern the pattern of disharmony by looking at the environmental influences, emotional state and life style of the patient. They then treat the disharmonies.
  3. Naturopathy is the natural and wholistic Western medicine espousing "Give The Body What It Needs To Cure Itself" therapies. Naturopathic Doctors use a wide range of therapies depending upon the circumstances.

There are two main thrusts of Oriental medicine:

Acupuncture is the "energy" alignment and supplementation branch and Herbology is the cellular metabolism/biochemical supplementation and cleansing branch. Both are used in conjunction with each other in order to bring the person into harmony again. The Oriental Phyician seeks to discern the pattern of disharmony by looking at the environmental influences, emotional state and life style of the patient. They then treat the disharmonies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a mental construct dealing with the organism a whole. TCM is focused on the concept of the Zang-Fu Organs (Lung-Large Intestine, Heart-Small Intestine, Pericardium-Triple Warmer, Spleen-Stomach, Kidney-Urinary Bladder, Liver-Gall Bladder) and their functions in relation to the flow of Qi (Vital Energy) throughout the body. TCM views the unity of the human body and Nature. Man lives within the environment they inhabit and is subject to the vagaries of such. Any disharmony that causes llness is viewed from the perspective of the organism as a whole and guides diagnosis and treatment.

Therapeutic overlap of Eastern and Western medicine:

Acupuncture and Homeopathy each seek to assist the body in achieving realignment into a harmonious whole. Herbology and Naturopathy each seek to assist the body in achieving optimum functionality. Allopathy seeks to modify the cellular metabolism and biochemistry of the body and any illness causing entities in order to force the body to accommodate the illness and become "well".

"THE" most important aspect of any medical system

No matter what system is followed, it is the skill of the healer which is of paramount importance. The American Medical Association itself determined that no matter what a physician does therapeutically, 80% of their patients get better! It is the inability of the therapist to expand their thinking past the dogma of consensus which dooms the patient. "THE" most important aspect of any healer is to maximize the well-being of their patient and to boost the Immune System of their patient in a manner specific to that patient. Remember to be "patient", while your Doctor "practices" their healing modalities upon you!

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