Color Breathing Techniques
January 2004
Updated February 2011


We can create Color Healing Energy inside our bodies by consciously manipulating the environmental electromagnetism in the atmosphere and the air that we breathe. This is done by initially focusing on the breathing. Using your imagination, imagine each inbreath as coming from exact (1800) opposite sides, simultaneously on a straight line into your body. The Color Healing Energy will be easier to create if you start your breathing concentration in the chest area.

  1. Creating the Color Healing Energy:
    • Lay on your back in an area as free of electromagnetic interference (as far away from electrical wall outlets as possible, or outside) as possible and stretch your arms straight out sideward from you body. If you have a compass, orient your head to the nearest pole of the Earth, to the North in the Northern hemisphere and vice versa. On each inbreath, imagine the same color (frequency) of energy coming through each hand into the middle of the body. To insure the same energy in each hand pick a bright, pure primary or secondary color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet or white). See below for a description of the healing qualities of color to choose.
    • Visualize that chosen color of energy entering each hand at the same time and bringing the energy into the body upon inhalation. The color that you choose will reflect the area of the body and the type of healing that you want to work on at any particular time (see below).
    • On exhalation leave the energy inside your body and just decrease the air in your lungs so you can take another breath. The electromagnetic (light) energy now inside the body becomes part of your bioenergy pool. The frequencies from each hand have canceled each other out, and what is left is a bioscalar stationary energy within the body.
    • As you continue your color breathing you will become aware that your chest feels as if it is full- not of air but of standing bioscalar energy. Now stop concentrating on your breathing and ust relax into your core/center. Now you will feel the bioscalar energy expanding outward in circles, like a stone thrown into still water. This is the automatic action of the bioscalar wave. It energizes the extracellular matrix of the body, fills the meridians and facilitates the healing phenomenon native to your body. You will need to develop a scense of when to stop your focus and then smooth the normal energy flow in the area. So the skill to earn is to fill and then to smooth. Smoothing means to blend the added energy into the normal flow.
    • As you create the bioscalar energy in the central part of your body, you will establish an automatic response pattern. Now stop your conscious creation of the bioscalar energy and use your mind to tell the energy what you want it to do as it spreads out: to heal the pain, regenerate the tissue, eliminate the bacteria or virus. Be intent here, focus and "command" the energy, don't just give a passive suggestion. This does not take much practice and rapidly you will learn to do this without effort.
    • How long should the Color Breathing process take? In the beginning about 30 minutes twice a day. As you become more skillful 10 minutes several times a day should give excellent results. As you become more skillful in creating bioscalar energy, you can also try creating the bioscalar energy between the back and front of the body, and between the sacrum and the head. Also, as you become more skilled, you can create the bioscalar energy at any chakra/node center without first going to the chest area. Alway be sure to monitor the total background body-field brfore you finish up your session to be sure that all is in balance.

  2. Additional Scalar Information:

    Colors have different frequencies, but each if used from both hands cancels out all the frequencies while creating the same type of bioscalar energy. The red-orange frequency spectrum seems to have a faster build-up while the blue-violet spectrum seems to continue the expansion longer. If you create bioscalar energy to calm pain, the blue-violet energy generally works best. If your need is to heal damaged tissue, start with the red spectrum, but shift back to the blue violet to ease the pain. With each session try using both at different focus times, and see which one works best for you. Remember that healing is first healing the entire body, so do a central bioscalar first using a bright "new-leafy-green" color. If the problem is in one area of the body you can also create a scalar field in a limb or local body area. Always bring into the body a color that has the same frequency and that comes simultaneously from opposite sides. Again with practice, bring it into the center from the right side and left side, from the back and the front of the body, and from the head to the tailbone.

    As your body is like a magnet, you may focus your attention on one of the 7 chakras/nodes. Naturally, the Heart or new-leafy green chakra/node, is the locus of the energies of a balanced body and in humans represents the "Bloch Wall" of magnetism. Consciously, you may focus on another ckakra and move the "Bloch Wall" or crossover point of the Clock-Wise left hand and Counter-Clock-Wise right hand energies, to another of the rainbow chakra/nodal points: the Basal is Red, the Sacral is Orange, the Solar is Yellow, the Throat is Sky-Blue, the Brow/Bindu is Indigo and the Crown is Violet. You will notice that the bioscalar energy will have a healing effect on problems localized in the chakra/nodal area. You may still need to visualize the color needed at any one problem spot.

    When you become very skillful in concentration you can bring energies from all directions simultaneously, like the sunís radiations, because each breath activates all vectors. The bioscalar energy created is a very powerful healing force! If you are particularly clairvoyant you may have sensory light experiences. This is however not essential in the conscious creation of the bioscalar energy.

    Go here for a detailed description of the human body-field and more information on bioscalar energies.

  3. Color Healing Qualities:

    Red signifies the choleric temperament. Red is generally taken to be the color of life, of the glowing sun and of fire. Love and joy, rage and anger are the polar values of the color red. Red is said to make the blood boil, to increase the pulse rate, to raise the blood pressure and the rate of breathing. Red is also the color of desire. The sexual urge, the impulses and general vigor of individuals are attributed to the color red. Red generally supports the circulatory functions and is applied with success to combat anaemia, asthma, diseases of the larynx, certain skin diseases and chronic coughs.

    Orange is the color of cheerfulness and gaiety. Being a color mixed from red and yellow, it stands for kind-heartedness and warm-heartedness of an individual. Orange symbolises the rising sun, it makes us alert and cheerful. It causes stimulation, warmth and happiness. Orange fills us with joy and cheerfulness. It affects both our bodies and our minds. Astonishing results may be obtained in using the color orange to treat mental illness, depressions, discontent and pessimism. Naturopaths apply orange for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, sclerenecephaly, cardiosclerosis, loss of appetite, anaemia, and anorexia.

    The color yellow represents the sanguine temperament. Yellow is the symbol of the sun at the zenith. Yellow is the brightest of all colors. In the psychology of colors, yellow stands for detached serenity. Yellow reflects light in all directions,thereby creating an impression of detachment and liberation; it cancels out any feeling of heaviness or oppression. Professor Luscher writes that the color yellow drives us forward towards new, modern frontiers, and that it is therefore future oriented. In naturopathy yellow is applied to combat glandular diseases and diseases of the lymphatic system, and to strengthen the nervous system. Yellow greatly assists metabolism, glandular activity and improves secretion of the stomach.

    The color green represents the phlegmatic temperament. It has a harmonizing effect. Green does not make us quiet, but calms us in a neutral, positive sense. Green is the color of possession and of the will to possess. Luscher says: "Green is the color of possession and should increase the feelings of security and in particular of self-confidence." Green is also considered to be the color of concentration. It stands for exact examination, precise analysis, systematic logic and for recording and remembering. Among other things, the color green is applied for the naturopathic treatment of bronchitis, whooping cough, inflammations of the joints, and swellings. In addition, green has a positive influence on the treatments of cysts, eye diseases and diabetes, generally promoting the secretion processes. Green promotes relaxation of the organs and stimulates general detoxification of the body.

    Blue is the color of peace and infinity. It represents the melancholic temperament. Blue profoundly calms and relaxes us. Our bodies and minds are conveyed to a state of peace, repose and softness. The relaxing and tranquilizing property of blue is applied for relieving headaches and migraines, the pains of stomach and muscle cramps. As a general rule, the color blue can be said to have a very positive effect on all kinds of pain conditions.

    Violet is the combination of the choleric-impulsive and the melancholic-tender nature. Violet is the color of the emotions and is considered to be a meditative color. Violet can lead to profound liberation of the mind. Intuition and imagination are enhanced. Violet is the color regulator at the interface between the mind and the body. In color therapy in particular in color acupuncture, violet is applied for treating the lymphatic system and the spleen.

    The six basic colors are divided into three hot and three cool, hot being the colors which arouse and give stimulation and cool being the colors which cool down and sedate. The colors Red, Orange & Yellow are warming. The colors Green, Blue & Violet are cooling. Color Therapy uses these complimentary properties of the colors to balance the body and help it to heal. By testing complimentary pairs in your body system, the more sensitive area is found and then given the cool color to sedate, the others are given the warm color to tonify.


Using bioscalar energy is a natural birthright. All we need to do is to learn, to teach others and be steadfast in our understanding!

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