Concord Medical Theory
E. F. Block IV
Original March 2004
Updated March 2010

The essential meaning of the word "concord" is harmony, from the Latin meaning "with heart". Living in harmony with our environment is that which ensures our well-being. This implies that we as human primate mammalian organisms are capable of responding to our environment in an appropriate manner. As our environment changes through time, we also need to be able to change with the rhythms of our environment. Anything that disrupts our ability to change our internal milieu in response to the changes in our environment will eventually lead to a condition known as illness or disease at worst and less than optimum functionality at best. This work will attempt to delineate a theoretical background as to the causes of disease and the less than optimum functional state. The treatment of disease is complex and will not at this time be discussed.

Living entities possess the capability to utilize scalar energy. Please review the concept of scalar energy at Bioscalar for an explanation. The coordination of utilization of scalar energy by living entities ultimately is a manifestation of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Most microorganisms do not possess chromosomes, the protein-DNA complex found within cell nuclei. Single celled plants and animals are the exceptions. The means to coordinate scalar energies reside then with non-nucleate and nucleate life forms; this discussion applies to those forms that possess a nucleus within the cell center. Coordination of events in time by DNA in the nuclei of cells follows the changes in the local environment inhabited by the cell. The evolution of life on this planet Earth has done so within the rhythmic changes of the Solar System Interplanetary Geomagnetic and Electromagnetic Field Matrix. All the living forms of life use the flux of the overall Matrix as the cues for all metabolic processes that man has labeled as biological clocks. It is these rhythmic fluxions of the Matrix then that guides all behaviors of life. This article deals with the human primate mammaliam lifeform responding to the flux of the Matrix and those elememts that disrupt the optimun flow of functionality in the humam primate mammalian organism.

The human form is composed of cells living together in a local environment manufactured by those self same cells and known collectively as "the body". The means of coordination for utilization of scalar energy is the same in the cells of the body as for those of single-celled life forms. However, evolution has yielded other means for the coordination and utilization of scalar energies in the Human form. This means is biochemical, as one might posit realizing the nature of the origin of life in the aquatic environment. The CNS/neuro-endocrine system of the vertebrate life form is the means that the body collective coordinates the background internal aqueous/biochemical milieu that bathes every cell of that body collective. Please refer to the article found here for a discussion of the neuro-endocrine/hormonal system of the body. Another anatomical/biochemical system also developed to coordinate the movement of the whole body and is known as the central and peripheral nervous system. It is the ability then of each individual cell within the body collective and the neuroendocrine system of the body collective to respond to the rhythmic changes in the environment that ensures our health. Again, anything that disrupts this ability will cause illness, disease and decreased functionality.

The internal milieu of the body collective in maintained by components of the Central Nervous System (CNS) that is composed of the brain and spinal cord. A concept known as rheostasis refers to the ability of nerve cell loci within the CNS to respond to and maintain relative levels of specific compounds within the blood and interstitial fluid of the body collective. The elements of this rheostasis system are complex, involve many different tissues and works via negative feedback. It is a subject known as a part of physiology and will not be discussed at this time. The specific narrow range of compounds in the blood and interstitial fluid are required in order to maintain the normal life processes in every cell within the body collective. An example is the relative amount of electrolytes such as dissolved sodium, calcium, chloride and bicarbonate to that of water. Many, many others kinds of relative levels of compounds are coordinated as well, such as blood glucose, blood oxygen, blood triglycerides and blood plasma proteins.

The coordination of personal events in time is coordinated by the CNS and is known as behavior. Behavioral responses are both instinctual and learned in humans. Ultimately, all behavior is the result of DNA expression, expression coordinated through time in response to the environment. Thinking and emoting is the realm of the cortex and midbrain. Breathing and heart rhythm for the most part is controlled by the upper part of the spinal cord and the brain stem. Digestion is for the most part controlled by the enteric brain in the mesentary of the gut and along the whole digestive tract. Otherwise, the brain cortex controls all voluntary muscular activity. Behavioral expression and voluntary muscular movement then allows the body to manipulate elements of the environment for the purpose of ensuring survival of the body collective and perpetuation of the species through time.

It is obvious that a balance of components internally and externally is needed for survival. One may consciously change one's external environment in order to maintain a balance of required elements but most do not know how to consciously change one's internal environment in order to maintain a balance. Blance is accomplished at the unconscious level by the components of the CNS involved with rheostasis. To a great extent, industrial man has learned to ameliorate the adverse elements of the environment such as windstorms, rain and dampness, drought and dryness, summer heat and winter cold. Foodstuffs, clean water and shelter are also not a concern by industrial man. What then is the cause of disruption of the balances of the internal milieu of the body collective in the industrial setting of modern man?

The causes of disruption can be of an external nature such as adverse environmental changes as stated above or it may be due to some sort of trauma. Trauma can be physical or chemical and a combination of both; examples include: injury, bites, stings, parasites, poisons, toxins and improper diet. Mental and emotional trauma from an internal or external source can be equally disruptive. All these elements contribute to an internal imbalance within the body and the ability to CNS to maintain rheostasis in response to the number and severity of the disruptive elements. When one thinks of injury, it is mostly that of broken bones, cuts and contusions. However, trauma to the body is also caused by exposure to fields of alternating current (AC), electromagnetic fields of DC and AC motors, microwaves, radar, etc., i.e., electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic pollution affects the body collective by causing derangements in normal metabolic processes of cells and most importantly in the disruption of the neuroendocrine cells of the CNS. Please refer to the article here for a discussion.

The causes of disruption can be of an internal nature as well. But mostly it includes responses to external stimuli that result in diminished capacity in some manner and the accumulation of the pathological products of deranged metabolism as a result. These products are edema, phlegm, retained water, energy stagnation and blood stasis. Perhaps the most insidious is "improper thought" leading to diminished capacity, as it tends to be reactive to external stimuli and to be self-delusional. It seems that strong emotions disrupt the functionaltiy of the major organs directly (heart, stomach, kidneys, etc.).

The crux of the matter for the cause of illness and disease is ultimately anything that disrupts the free flow of energies within the body, whether it is scalar or biochemical in nature. This means anything that causes diminished capacity of the CNS to maintain rheostasis of the body collective or any cell within the body collective to maintain its optimum functionality. This also means a diminished capacity to maintain optimum response to the changes in the external environment through time. The pathological products of deranged metabolism obstruct the free flow of energies within the body and yield the symptoms of disease.

In the opinion of the author, there are 4 generalized categories of traumatic/disruptive influences affecting the human organism: those that affect the human body field, those that affect nutrition and biochemical metabolism, those that act to cause direct physical trauma and those that are the result of parasitism. The human body field (please refer to the special edition article that is found at the bottom of the page at is disrupted by geopathic stressors and electromagnetic stressors. Diet (nutrition/malnutrition) and the role of minerals, herbs and ingested/inhaled toxins deal directly upon the physiology and biochemical metabolism of the physical body. The causes of direct physical trauma are numerous. The affects of parasitism refer to all manner of virus, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, worms and insect parasites that are able to invade the body. Each trauma category has a specific manner in causing debilitation. Each trauma requires special techniques to bring the body back to harmony. All causes are a part of the biosphere that makes up the environment upon the Earth in which human beings live, work and play.

Again, in this author's opinion, a derangement in the balance of energy flows within the whole body will occur before any manifestations or signs of disruption will be evident. The primary cause then is a disruption in the balance of energy flow within the whole body. Secondary causes are the manifestations, signs and pathological products of deranged metabolism. Chronic derangements afford opportunity for microorganisms and parasites to invade the body collective. Pathogenic microorganisms do cause trauma but most microorganisms are opportunists living on the products of deranged metabolism by adversely affected cells within the body collective that is deposited in the extracellular matrix (EM) around them. These products are deposited in the EM due to the derangement of the processes of lymphatic flow, extravasation of blood due to physical trauma and overwhelming the capacity of local white blood cells and tissue macrophages to do deal with the resultant debris. Because of this fact, treatment should always be such that the cause and the manifestations both are to be monitored through the time course of the healing process. The applied treatments will change as the course of the illness progresses through the various systems of the body collective.

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Naturopaths and other alternative medicine practitianers are trained to alter the course of treatment to suit the course of healing within the body collective as the nature of the pathogen changes and until it is expelled from the body collective. The treatments applied to assist the body collective in removing the accumulated pathological products of deranged metabolism plays a major role in the healing process. Again, the cause of illness and disease is always a disruption in the normal flow of energies within the body collective. The manifestations of illness and disease are the result of the pathological products of deranged metabolism accumulating within the body collective and then possibly becoming the cause of further disruption. The overall signs and symptoms will reflect the particular system or systems affected by altered free flow on energy within the body.

In relation to healing, one must keep in mind that it is the entire organism as a whole that needs to be looked at and concepts formulated to address the issues of disease in the entire organism. As I was working on my first MA degree, my major professor told me that there were two major catagories of thinkers: splitters and lumpers. What he was referring to was left-brain and right-brain thinking. Left-brain thinking is linear, tactical and analytical while right-brain is global, strategic and conceptual. Modern western medicine (WM) is left-brain and modern eastern medicine is right-brain. Thus, TCM looks at the whole person in diagnosis and treatment. TCM treats the "black box" while WM treats what is coming out of the "black box". Here the black box refers to the human primate mammalian organism.

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