Chapter EIGHT

Electromagnetic Pollution

Updated March 2003

Slowly but begrudgingly, the powers that be are being forced to recognize this threat to life which they have created and perpetuated. Studies are funded which yield the results that all is OK and we may all sleep well at night. Baloney! I personally have attended meetings where the main concern of corporations and governmental bureaucrats is that upon admission of these effects, which they have been aware of since the days of WW II, they would be open to staggering amounts of litigation by those harmed or their families. This so clouds their thinking that they steadfastly deny any such effects. Thus cancer and other diseases of biochemical derangement are culling the population of those whose bodies are not able to cope with this insult and therefore die. Perhaps this is a man-made population control method since we do not have to concern ourselves with food, shelter, disease, parasites and predation in order to live out our lives.

Anyone would have difficulty believing that EMF has deleterious effects. The effects are hardly noticeable and not immediate, difficult to see cause and effect. The effects are most noticeable if the body is weakened. This is true with all stressors. The body has more difficulty in maintaining rheostasis (a more correct term than homeostasis). The same happens with the elderly as their energy levels are lower and recuperative powers lessened. This is the reason that Dr. Reich was able to assist his cancer patients by putting them in a Faraday cage, even though he thought it was due to another issue entirely.

An increasing number of works detailing the effects of man-made electromagnetic pollution are being published. The following books will give you both sides of the picture and also what the current research is finding out:

"Electromagnetism, Man And The Environment", 1976, J.H. Battocletti, Elek Books Ltd., London

"Electomagnetism And Life", 1982, R.O. Becker and A.A. Marino, State University Of New York Press, Albany

"Electromagnetic Fields And Circadian Rhythmicity", 1992, Editors: M.C. Moore-Ede, S.S. Campbell and R.J. Reiter, Birkhauser, Boston

"Biological Effects Of Electric And Magnetic Fields, Vol. 1- Sources And Mechanisms, Vol. 2- Beneficial And Harmful Effects, 1994, Editors: D.O. Carpenter and S. Ayrapetyan, Academic Press, San Diego

The conclusion of the Battocletti book are:

Thermal electrical pollution does exist.

Non-thermal pollution exists and is more severe when waves modulated by frequencies which coincide with biological frequencies are used.

Much man-made electromagnetic radiation exists which does not fall into the above categories.

More research is required.

We must stop producing hazardous electro-pollution.

The conclusions of the Becker/Marino book are:

Electromagnetic energy is used by the body to integrate, interrelate, harmonize and execute diverse physiological processes.

Such intrinsic energy is in fact created and transmitted in the body, and it controls specific biological functions.

Studies of biological cycles and animal navigation support the thesis that environmental electromagnetic energy mediates the transfer of information from the environment to the organism.

Low-strength electromagnetic fields within the physiological frequency range can alter physiological processes, biological rhythms and behavior.

Electromagnetic energy at non-physiological frequencies and intensities induces adaptive homeostatic responses.

The conclusions of the Moore-Ede/Campbell/Reiter book are:

There exists a causal relationship between electric and magnetic field exposure and changes in both cellular and organismal physiology.

One of the best known effects is the decrease of circadian melatonin production by the Pineal Gland which is also associated with some malady such as depression and cancer.

Another effect is alteration of nervous function and endogenous opioid systems which disrupt a wide range of behavioral and homeostatic functions.

These electromagnetic fluxes are ubiquitous and increasing.

More recently, the Carpenter/Ayrapetan volumes have provided evidence for mechanisms at the molecular, cellular and organismal level for the effects of EMF. Conclusions reached are as Follows:

60 Hertz alternating current interferes with many normal enzyme system activities.

ELF alters the rates of chemical reactions by speeding up activation and transition processes.

Strong magnetic fields affect membrane phenomena but are entirely reversible.

Magnetic fields depress calcium ion uptake by cells via an alteration of the water of hydration surrounding the ion.

Invertebrates and lower vertebrates are able to detect and to respond to magnetic and electric fields.

EMF exposure has been implicated in certain cancers, depression and miscarriages due to the depression of melatonin synthesis by the Pineal Gland which is necessary for normal Immune functioning.

Even though magnetic and electric fields cause an increase in activity, animals show no preferences for or against them.

All animals and humans are able to detect electrical fields but few are able to detect magnetic fields.

Microwave radiation definitely causes considerable stress related responses in humans.

Microwave radiation definitely stimulates autoimmune processes and inhibits cell-mediated immunity.

Lastly, while many of the food processing procedures and techniques aid in producing cheap long-lasting foods, they produce them with contri-life bearing energies simply due to the fact that electromagnetic influences are added at the time of manufacture. Thus, my advice would be to eat as many "live" things as possible and to learn to recognize those with contra-life energies.

More Research Studies on EMF Effects

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  11. Increase miscarriage and congenital abnormalities, Kallen et al. (1982), Larsen et al. (1991), Ouellet-Hellstrom and Stewart (1993). Ouellet-Hellstrom and Stewart found a a significant dose-response, p less than 0.005.

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