Chapter SEVEN

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.

updated January 2003

For a Western medical approach of vital energy research, the books by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. entitled "The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life" and "Crosscurrents: The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine" are essential. Dr. Becker being an Orthopedic surgeon was interested in and engaged in research in an attempt to elucidate the parameters of limb regeneration. He did succeed but his work has been suppressed, again disbelief and professional jealousy by left-brainers raised its ugly head. In relation to the Subtle Energies, he describes what he believes to be two separate nervous systems, one of which is responsible for the generation of the channels or meridians of energy flow of the vital energies. In the developing nervous system (NS) outside the central nervous system (CNS), perineural cells, cells which support the nerves in many ways, form first and the nerves grow along the paths taken by the perineural cells. Then certain perineural cells called Schwann cells wrap themselves around the nerve axons. One result is more rapid nerve transmission of impulse. Within the CNS the perineural cells outnumber the nerve cells by a vast majority, and Schwann cell wrapping around the axons of main pathways also occurs for rapid transmission in the CNS.

Nerves are digital in output, either on or off. Nerve output is graded as to frequency and nerves respond to the frequency of stimulation. Nerves coordinate the CNS and Autonomic NS.The perineural cells are analog in output and respond to analog signals, i.e., small to little inputs and large to big inputs. Analog signals are continuously variable in strength, flow either direction and pulse in waves. Dr Becker believes the perineural system to control growth, healing and biological cycles. The perineural system (PS) senses injury, creates the environment for repair and controls the healing process. Dr. Becker found the Acupuncture Points to be stable and to produce minute (-) direct currents. The Acupuncture Points then are DC booster amplifiers spaced along the Acupuncture Meridians. Thus, the direct currents of injury are carried to the brain, interpreted as pain and stimulate the output signals for modulating the healing process. This creates a closed-loop negative feedback system. Tissue fibroblasts secrete collagen (scarring) and sensitive cells de-differentiate and prolifferate to repair the injury.

In the skin, there are direct nerve to epithelial cell attachments called neuro-epidermal junctions (NEJs). These junctions are crucial for any real complete healing to occur. Both these components, perineural cells and NEJs, make up the physical structures which guide the healing properties inherent in the genetic material within the nucleus of every living cell of the body. These junctions are connected to the and are related to the meridians, so Dr. Becker believes. It is these NEJs that create the minute (-) DC at the site of injury and thus tell the brain where the injury is through the perineural cells as amplified and signal boosted along the meridians.

It is estimated that 60% of the genetic material is in some manner directly involved in the workings of the NS. It is hypothesized that Deoxy-riboNucleic Acid(DNA) which makes up the genetic material in addition to being the templates from which the proteins of the body are made is also responsible for providing in some as yet unknown manner a morphogenic (body structure) field within which the physical atoms of matter that is the body are able to coalesce. Thus as we learn more about the subtle workings of the physical body we are led to the underlying field and energy relationships or Subtle Energies which allow life to exist in the physical realm.

Dr. Becker is also very much concerned with the indiscriminate use of various types of electrical energy generating equipment and electrical transmission lines, microwave and radar installations, extra-low-frequency (ELF) communications equipment and medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment such as diathermy, TENS, MRI and Sonography. His work with the dramatic effects of minuscule amounts of low voltage and amperage on biological systems leads him to seriously doubt the claims of manufactures and various governmental agencies as to their safety for usage. Indeed, the Federal government is perhaps the most serious offender, all in the guise of national defense.

Dr. Becker elucidates how the natural periodic fluctuations of the Earth are being swamped by the glut of man-made and broadcast electropollution. Upon reading the work of Dr. Von Reichenbach, we can understand that all physical, chemical and biological reactions generate fields and energies which affect living entities. Unfortunately, it appears that most man-made generation, transmission and usage of electrical energy is the kind which produces negative health effects upon living systems.

The Macrocosm Within