Chapter FIVE

Updated December 2003

Concepts Of Yoga

As my meditational training is based in Yoga with Buddhist overtones, most of the terminology and mind-set will reflect this bias. However as I am also a Scientist trained in the traditional Western manner, I will express concepts in the scientific terms of the neurophysiologist when dealing with correspondences. This work is not intended to be a definitive work on the subject but a means of providing you with confirmation and possible direction. It is based upon many years of academic study, research and meditation; intensive meditation for one and one half years for 14 to 16 hours a day, the last 10 months of which I was awake 24 hours a day, and daily meditation for the 25 some odd years since then.

The yogis are constantly referring to the Kundalini and the Chakras. The Chakras are the seven psychic centers, the seven seals or trumpets, the seven transformer nodal points around which the physical body is formed. The Kundalini is the energy which is expressed about these transformer nodes. In my opinion, these nodes do transform energy and constitute an energy field for the transformation of Dark matter into Light matter and vice versa.

At this point I digress for an explanation of theoretical physics concerning the make-up of the universe. Matter is thought to exist in two forms termed Dark and Light. Most matter is Dark and is not detectable by our physical senses. Guesstimates range from 98%, plus or minus, for the Dark form. Thus the universe is made up of matter for which the greatest bulk is invisible to us. All which we are able to "see" is Light matter, anywhere from 2%, or less! The change from one form to the other is in equilibrium but does occur. Read the article by James Trefil for a laymanís overview.

It is my thesis that the nodes are the transformer points for the transformation of Dark matter into Light matter in a descent into what we know as the physical realm. These nodes or Chakras are associated with a fundamental frequency and associated harmonics according to the colors of the Rainbow. My associations are not those of traditional Indian Yoga and Culture but of my own experiences, thus they differ. Please refer to the following for an overview:


























You will notice a designation which ranges from +3 to -3 and the(+) pole associated with the Basal Chakra (Athenstadt, 1974). The reason for this is the fact that the Heart Node is the gateway, the crack in the cosmic egg or the direct interface between the Void and the world as we know it to be. I have often thought that the Void and the realm of Dark matter were one and the same. The symbol that Dr. Reich chose to represent his work was the two pronged fork which yielded a positive and negative pole. This is a fitting representation since the Heart Node is the focal point of a field which has two poles and three axes much like all well characterized fields such as electromagnetism. Thus the other Nodes are reflexive about the Heart Node for a total of seven Nodes in all. The life energies which are available to us as living entities and separate from that obtained from the food we eat and the air we breath are distributed, then, through the nadis of Yoga as Prana or the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine from these Nodes as Qi.

The Chakras are the transformer points for the distribution of energies from the realm of Dark matter, in my opinion. I believe that the "Void" which is referred to in deep meditation is the realm of "Dark" matter. The formless that needs directed intent to become the seed of causation for the descent into the physical realm. The Red or Basal Chakra is the gateway for gravitomagnetic energies to enter the Chakral Linear Matrix. The Violet or Crown Chakra is the gateway for electromagnetic energies to enter the Chakral Linear Matrix. These are the 2 poles which are balanced in the Green or Heart Chakra and yields the 2 overlapping tetrahedrons in 3 dimensions or the Yantra of Yoga and the Mogen David of Judism in 2 dimensions.

The Macrocosm Within