Chapter FOUR

Updated March 2007

Some Modern Workers

The works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, M.D. are much more readily available and will not be specifically cited here. The work of Dr. Reich, seemingly done independent of any input from Drs. Mesmer and Von Reichenbach, never-the-less corroborates their work. The essential message of Dr. Reich's writings is that there is a force and attendant energies in nature that Dr. Reich called Orgone that man and all living things are able to accumulate, use and project.

That Dr. Reich, a student and contemporary of Dr. Sigmund Freud, was able to "cure" persons of cancer I will not dispute. He understood that psychological depression in its many forms is one of the most devastating causes for the weakening of the Immune System. A weak Immune System is not able to cope with the numbers of healthy cells of tissues which become altered and thereby recognized as "foreign" by the white blood cells and destroyed. Too many grow sufficiently large to become masses or "tumors" that then invade healthy tissue and become a "Cancer".

However, Dr. Reich mistakenly thought that when he placed persons in his "Orgone Accumulator" box that orgone was accumulating and thereby assisting the person in healing. On the contrary, he was merely placing them in a "Faraday Cage" which thereby blocked the ravaging effects of Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF), specifically alternating current and radiated EMF (i.e., television), on the neuro-endocrine system of the brain. We know today that other than psychological depression, EMF exposure is the other most detrimental causal affect in weakening of the Immune System. His explanation was incorrect but his action was right on the mark!

Today, much work is being done in China, both mainland and Taiwan concerning Qi Gong which we know as Od, Animal Magnetism, Orgone or simply the Vital Force. One such organization is blending interdisciplinary science and contemporary synthesis of traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to Qi Gong called Yuanji Science.

Much work is going on in France, England and Germany concerning the use of "Electo-Acupuncture Voll"(EAV). Dr. Voll, a German researcher and physician, discovered that he could use Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) readings from Acupuncture points on the various Meridians of the body to diagnose and treat a variety of chronic diseases in both humans and animals. This work has progressed into a body of evidence for diagnosis and treatment with the meridian therapy devices. The point to be made is that at last there is a method of detecting and describing the subtle energy flows of the body. That the body is resonant with and responsive to energies at the quantum level is described by Dr. Hans Brugemann in his work on Bioresonance and Multiresonance Theory found here. A description of the quantum theory behind this work may also be found there as well.

As this work is not about this subject but the neurophysiological basis for the cultural expression of early proto-scientists handed down to us from pre-history, please go to the site and read this seminal information. However, it is now a fact that we know how your body and all the cells which makeup your body resonates with the GMF and IMF because of these works.

The Macrocosm Within