Chapter THREE

Dr. Karl, Baron von Reichenbach

The next significant western work concerning the subtle energies in print is that of Dr. Karl, Baron Von Reichenbach entitled "Researches On Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization And Chemical Attraction In Their Relations To The Vital Force" first published in 1845 CE. Please read the New Edition by Leslie Shepard. To paraphrase his new forward, this book is described as one of the great lost masterpieces of scientific research, based upon massive researches extending over many years, which is also one of the most complete and scientifically valid investigations of the psychic force ever attempted. Dr. Von Reichenbach was unquestionably one of the greatest scientists of the nineteenth century: pre-eminent expert on meteorites; highly respected as chemist, technologist and metallurgist; the discoverer of Kerosene. He spent over twenty years experimenting with the mysterious force which he called "Od" and described its characteristics and effects as manifest through the perception of sensitive persons.

Because it ran counter to the mechanistic and doctrinaire orthodoxy of nineteenth century science this vital work was ridiculed, suppressed and eventually buried in obscurity.

Dr. von Reichenbach showed that detection and demonstration of this force depended upon sensitive individuals, whom were ordinary people from all walks of life. Dr. von Reichenbach's sensitives experienced specific reactions to the proximity of other people, responded to the polarity(left-handed and right-handed) of people, were sympathetic to blue and anti-pathetic to yellow, had particular food preferences, were affected by certain metals and were unpleasantly affected by mirrors. Mr. Shepard believes that the elaborate personal rules of certain religions are related to the reactions and polarities of sensitives with which I strongly concur.

More importantly, Dr. von Reichenbach showed that sensitive persons could "see" the emanations from crystals and magnets in total darkness and could detect alternations of electric current. They could also perceive the "Aura" surrounding the human body.

Dr. von Reichenbach studied the various manifestations of this vital force in its relationship to electricity, magnetism and chemistry. He showed that it was connected to the phenomenon of water-witching or Dowsing, Mesmerism and similar psychic subjects. He studied the negative and positive polar effects of "Od" and demonstrated that liquids and solids could be charged with it by sensitive persons just as Dr. Mesmer had demonstrated.

Dr. von Reichenbach describes a particular field which surrounds magnets containing "Od" which corresponds to a spectrum of color frequencies. These colors when the magnet is in a particular orientation according to the magnetic field of the Earth correspond to specific degrees about the circumference of a circle. They always start with red and end up with violet only to begin a new cycle of red to violet in a spiral configuration. These are the same colors and orientations of which are made use of by practitioners of Radionic Medicine. Please read the article by Dr. Fellows for an excellent description of this phenomena.

The Macrocosm Within