Energy Work

The intent and purpose of this chapter is to provide you with the background and orientation necessary to explore, develop and integrate your physical, emotional and mental beingness. As you might gather from the previous chapters, the DA neuromodulator system is associated with your physical beingness. The 5-HT neuromodulator is associated with your emotions and the NE neuromodulator is associated with mental activity. The relative importance of and other systems interfaced with each neuromodulatory system in affecting your behavior and beingness is dual in nature. The genetic heritage which was expressed during your fetal development determines the relative abundance and nervous interconnections of each neuromodulator. The growth, learning and development of your consciousness during childhood and adolescence sets the stage for your tendencies, capacities and affinities expressed as an adult. The first series of exercises have been developed to help you to know yourself as a physical entity by focusing upon the neuromodulators and their interrelationships. The second series of exercises have been developed to help you to learn to tune into, resonate with and influence the distribution of the subtle energies which underlie the physical body. The fields and energies of the fetus as it grows and develops is both the result of the elements which make up the physical body and the metabolism of the cells as they go about the business of being alive. Again, you can not have one without the other. The overall development of the organism is within the morphogenic field potential coded by the DNA. The distribution of energies within this field follows a pattern proposed by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga as the meridians and nadis respectively. The exercises assist in learning to harmonize and augment these distributions.

The third series of exercises have been developed to assist in learning the hormonal gland system interactions and the seven Nodes, psychic Centers or Chakras which underlie the glands. The hormonal glands might be thought of as part of the neuroendocrine system. The cells of the body first communicated with each other by means of various chemical compounds. This is relatively slow since the means of distribution is via the lymphatics and blood, involving various physical processes such as diffusion. When the need for a more rapid and direct stimulus was needed, the nervous system as a system was developed. Electrical phenomena involving fluxes of cations and anions was developed for nerve transmission but the process of nerve to nerve interaction is yet by means of chemicals, the neurotransmitters. Even more interesting is the fact that compounds once thought to be the domain of the immune system have been found to be secreted also by brain cells. This is the basis of the new field of Psychoneuroimmunology. Thus, the fast homeostatic control system of cellular biochemistry works hand in glove with the slower homeostatic control system of the nervous system and hormonal system.

Many people think of the seven Nodes to be of religious and spiritual significance. In fact, it is my opinion that many so called religions are simply making a religion of the physiology of the human organism by attempting to reach ecstatic states of bliss. They are simply tripping out on chemicals produced by the brain as a result of learned control to influence the cellular secretions, i.e., endorphins and enkephalins. These exercises are given in order for you to learn to guide your hormonal state along with your nervous system in dynamic integration. Matters of the spirit are not involved other than now allowing soul expression to be manifested as a side benefit. What you choose to do with your tools is strictly a matter of choice.

The fourth exercise series was developed to assist you in the exploration and utilization of your subtle energies. Go here to find a detailed description of the human body field. Have Fun and Enjoy!

The Macrocosm Within