Disease Concepts

Updated December 2003

The most insidious cause of disease is living in an environment in which one's constitution is not tuned. Something in the immediate environment where one spends a great deal of time during work, at school, at home, etc. disrupts the control systems of the body and thus rheostasis. Something, which may be determined only with difficulty in some cases, disrupts the energy integration of the body. If only one or so is affected, a chronic state will result which allows a person to continue to function but at diminished capacity. Perhaps an understanding of what constitutes the disease state would be helpful as well as the progression form health to disease and back to health again.

Disease is literally any dis-ease of the physical body, emotions or mind. Anything which results in a movement away from balanced thought, emotion and physical functioning. The balance is of a dynamic nature, ever capable of shifting to suit the needs of the moment. The body moves away from rheostatic balance in a stepwise progression. All three steps are discernible in thought, emotion and body feeling.

The first phase is termed Acute. This phase is characterized by a disruption of energies with at least one mental, emotional, physical or combinations of each in an explosive mode. By explosive meaning in an uncontrolled and ejecting energy in a spray pattern. This phase is the most easily brought under willful control to a state of balance. Physical symptoms are as a general rule, for all phases, head first to feet last and surface first to deep inside the body last. Healing occurs in the exact opposite manner to that of disease production.

The second phase is termed Toxic. This phase gives rise to symptoms and syndromes which may be easily characterized clinically. With this phase, physical symptoms appear transversely across the midline of the body with symptoms mirrored in the upper half and lower half of the body reflexive about just above the diaphragm. This phase is more difficult to bring back to balance and homeostasis. It usually requires some form of concerted effort or treatment. If the symptoms alone are treated and the disruptive cause is not treated, a syndrome is generated and the disruption is driven deeper within the body. In this phase all manner of deranged biochemistry, according to the energy system(s) involved, give rise to discharge of bodily fluids as the body attempts to eliminate toxins and poisons resulting from the derangement.

The last phase is termed Chronic. This phase is characterized by the appearance of symptoms horizontally across the midline of the body. Surface and deep tissue manifestations at the same time are common. Symptoms persist for long periods of time and thus are the most difficult to alleviate. Biochemical derangements occur to the extent that cause structural damage of the tissues involved. The energy controlling systems become adapted to this abnormal state and maintain the body with lessened efficiency. Obviously, optimum and full health are lacking, much the same as with a parasitic infestation.

As stated above, the direct cause of disease is a derangement of the energy controlling systems of the body. For each person, the weak points will be different as each person is not exactly the same in genetic make-up. However, as the energy systems are virtually the same in everyone, syndromes and symptoms can be classified and categorized according to the energy system which is disrupted. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy are particularly useful in the treatment of syndromes as the overall energy patterns of the body are dealt with as an integrated system.

The overall energy control system works with the seven loci of energy transformation which subtends the same locations of the major neuroendocrine and hormonal tissues of the body as stated above. In addition to the Nodes/Centers/Chakras or Energy Loci, the body has a distribution of polarities which may be detected. Refer to the work of Dr. Becker for a western perspective and Dr. Maciocia for an eastern approach. Please refer to the table below for a general overview:




Hands(-) & Feet(-), hands


more (+) than the feet








These polarities are the result of the flow of energies in and around the body. These energies flow near the surface of the body and are the meridians of Acupuncture, the triggerpoints of Polarity Therapy, the Nadis of Yoga, to name some correspondences. The various points of Acupuncture, the trigger points of various body centered therapies, the neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic points of Applied Kinesiology are all loci of energy accumulation and distribution located on the meridians. The idea being conveyed here is that there is a main generation system and a distribution system of subtle energies which when disturbed, i.e., rheostasis is unbalanced, will result in disease with the characteristic syndromes of energy disruptions. Treat these energy disruptions and the body will heal itself by again balancing and maintaining the proper homeostasis in the environment in which the organism inhabits.

Healing always occurs in the reverse of the steps leading to disease manifestation. The process from biochemical to cellular to tissue to organ to organismal symptoms of disease always must be brought into rheostasis at the biochemical level first. The symptoms disappear then first in the organism then the organ then the tissue and finally the cell. In any case, disease is the breakdown of the neuroendocrine-immune system control network of the body. Being by nature a chemical control system, it takes a little while to come back into equilibrium.

In the next chapter, techniques to deal with balancing the energies of the body will be explained.

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