The Cosmology Of Consciousness

E. F. Block
July 2013


This is my version of what I perceive to be the reality of consciousness as I know and understand it. I will make various statements and questions then clarify those statements/questions. First is a list of the statements/questions and then follows a clarification of each statement/question. This is a work in progress, so updates will be forthcoming.


1. The Universe is a whole comprised of different forms of energy, two different modes of matter and what we as human beings describe as "consciousness", in addition to 4 fundamental forces

2. Consciousness is separate from energy and matter but may be an integral part of both

3. The 2 modes of matter are as follows: a. Dark Matter or the "hidden" domain of so called "spirit entities" b. Light Matter or the "physical" domain of so called "human entities"

4. The "locality" of the human conscious realm is that of a mammalian primate organism known as Homo sapiens

5. The "locality" of the unconscious, that state when the organic entity is asleep, realm is unknown but presummed to be that of Dark Matter

6. There exists "symmetry" between the 2 modes of matter with "consciousness" in commonality

7. Any particular conscious entity resides primarily in the "spirit" realm but may from time to time inhabit a body in the "physical" realm, thus giving rise to what human entities call the concept of reincarnation

8. The origin of consciousness is unknown but it is known that any particular consciousness develops, grows in maturity and relates with other conscious entities in both realms

9. An element of the flow of time thus arises as a result of the origination and maturity of any particular consciousness

10. The origin of consciousness is unknown, however groups of "souls" at about the same level of consciousness tend to evolve and reincarnate together sharing similar experiences

11. At what point in the development of the evolution of the mammalian primate organism did the possibility of the spirit, named as the soul, become able to inhabit a physical organic being?

12. The time from the generation of life on the planet Earth to the result of the mammalian primate organism, is about 4 billion years

13. The whole time for the planet Earth to be in the habitable zone for all multi-cellular life on the planet Earth is about 8 billion years

14. Thus, consciousness can not be tied to any particular planet for eternity

15. There are too many people inhabiting the Earth in the present day to be sustainable in the long term


1. To what end, what outcome is our consciousness maturing?

2. Why are there such numbers of souls inhabiting mammalian primate organisms on the planet Earth at this time?

3. How many other planets in the Universe are supporting and do support organic life?

4. Is all organic life similar on all possible planets, i.e., is there organic "symmetry" in the physical realm?

5. What are the forms of organic entities that are capable of being inhabited by "souls"?

6. What other forms of spirit entity reside in the/our physical realm and what are their particular functions?

7. Is consciousness a phenomenon of the Higgs Field?


Please feel free to provide any feedback. The author will be glad to add your comments! If enough interest is forthcoming, a forum will be provided.

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