A Basic Construct in the
Field of Modern Astrobiology

E. F. Block
June 2013


The purpose of this article is to introduce the basic concept that, in the field of Astrobiology, there are two major processes occurring simultaneously. Both of these processes are brought together in the human mammalian primate organism. One process appears to be very ancient and to exist before life on the planet Earth was possible. The second was possible only with the resulting evolution of the human mammalian primate organism.

The concept of re-incarnation is a very old one in the collective consciousness of the human race. This concept involves the incorporation of a conscious spiritual entity into the fetus/baby of a human mammalian primate organism. Here at this point the two processes alluded to above are joined into one. The spiritual consciousness is in the process of growth, learning and development apart from incorporated existence. Part of that growth, learning and development involves being incorporated in a human mammalian primate organism here on the planet Earth.

Astrobiology is the modern name of what was heretofore known as Astrology. Organic life developed within the backdrop of the sum processes attendant to the planet Earth as influenced by Sol and the Solar System. The development of organic life from its origins has proceeded with the mechanisms as described by the science of genetics. Genes determine the physical form and the behavioral aspects of every living organism.

This is a basic concept in Astrobiology: Planetary and solar system processes are determiners of physical form and behavior. Thus, Astrobiology is able to describe the potentials of gene expression within living organic entities that is completely separate from the consciousness that is inhabiting the current human mammalian primate organism or person.


The purpose of this article is to clearly separate the two processes of (1) development of a soul and (2) development of a human consciousness residing within a mammalian primate organism. These two processes are not mutually exclusive by any means. However, the development of the soul is the primary purpose and the development of a human consciousness is secondary and coincidental.

The term Astrobiology was coined by the Federal agency known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The stated intent was to give a label to space biology as served the purposes of the creation of a field of human endeavor for funding and propaganda for cultural interface. So, star biology (astrobiology) was created for the space program of the USA.

The ancient study of the influence of the "stars" upon living entities was termed "Astrology". This study came as an attempt by those whom practiced agriculture and animal husbandry as lay persons and human behavior as the priesthood in order to gain an understanding of the basic natural processes in the environment that appeared to be cyclic and thus steadily repeatable. These cyclic events in the heavens were shown to match events that did in fact occur upon the Earth also in cycles. Since mankind seems to be always looking for causality, the concept that the cycles in the heavens were the "cause" of events upon the Earth and especially the "cause" for behavioral cycles in mankind and other living entities.

Thus, one is lead to see that for all intents and purposes, Astrology and Astrobiology are indeed the same in concept but different in name only. This fact is a reflection of the bias of left-brain dominated political and educational institutions. This bias was brought about in the "West" by the persons that wanted to throw out all the "old" stuff and begin with the "new"stuff as determined by the use of the scientific method. Thus, the "scientific revolution" has caused a schizophrenic dichotomy within the human consciousness. Male dominated adherents of left-brain dominance, mostly overt, have sought to suppress and marginalize right-brain consciousness, mostly covert.

As we all know and understand, this is not really possible. This is why Astrology will not "go away". Star biology is basically the study of the details of the result of genetic processes that have originated and developed within the biosphere of the Earthly planet as influenced by cyclic Solar System events. Yes, astrology or star biology is the study of the details of the cyclic processes within living entities as orchestrated by genetic expression within the backdrop of Earthly events as influenced by the events and processes that occur in the heavenly arena of the Solar System.

It really is not surprising that astrology is the cultural predecessor of the scientific field known as Genetics. And after all is said and done, astrology is the right-brain expression and genetics is the left-brain expression of the same conceptual content.


Now then, those whom practice "Astrology" are describing the genetic determiners of the potential abilities and propensities of human behavior and the observed development of the structure of the human form. Astrologers are not describing the soul consciousness that will inhabit the particular human mammalian primate organism. Astrologers are describing potential, possibilities as determined by genetics. The soul will be able then to utilize the potential proffered by the human mammalian primate organism for growth and development in the "human form".

Addendum - August 2013

It has ocurred to me that perhaps the realm of "Dark Matter" is the so called "Spirit Realm" and the realm of "Light or Physical Matter" is our realm of physical incarnation.

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