Abberations Of The Human Body-Field


All that follows is the considered opinion of the author, based in clinical experience and life experiences. One of the first things that the author learned, after becoming fascile with the body-field through the art of meditation, is that there is always a shift in body-field energy before any symptoms of dis-ease occur. Thus, for any healing to occur, the energy imbalance needed to be corrected first. Then the symptoms disappeared and the body was left with getting rid of the waste, toxins and debris. In fact, this is the essential creed of the medical constructs of Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Radionics and Homeopathy. Acupuncture addresses the aspect of which energy channel has been disrupted and needs balancing. Naturopathy does not address energy channels but focuses on herbalism (that does address body-field interactions) and the elimination of the by-products of deranged physiology. Radionics and Homeopathy simply address the body-field imbalances.

If you have suffered physical trauma, by all means go to the hospital. Modern western medicine is suberb for that aspect of medicine. The author does not quite understand why western medicine flatly refuses to acknowledge the very real fact of the human body-field. Evidence of the human body-field is actively being suppressed by the Federal government of the USA, higher educational institutions in the USA and the American Medical Association (AMA).


If the abberation in the physiology of some aspect of the physical body does occur long enough in time, there will be readily discerable lesion, destruction and decay. This is the worst case scenario and occurs, as stated, with a long time span of body-field derangement.


Usually, the first symptoms of derangement will be some aspect of mental disfunction.


If the derangement occurs long enough, along with the mental disfunction, the beginnings of some aspect of emotional disfunction will also arise.


In the estimation of the author, Homeopathy is the only sufficiently mature medical discipline that takes into account all the mental, emotional and physical symptomology as a result of body-field imbalance. Acupuncture is a close second. Radionics has been so undeservedly discredited in the USA that it has not been able to mature in to a comprehensive medical scheme. This fact is rapidly changing for the better however without the participation of the AMA (a very narrow minded, dictatorial and repressive organization) and the Federal Drug Administration (a hand-maiden to the AMA and pharmaceutical companies). Naturopathy continues to be actively persecuted by the AMA. The Doctors want the exclusive right to make money from the commodity of the ill patient! Indeed, my bias is showing.

The longer the derangement has been in place, the longer is the time period of recovery. The symptoms seem to disappear in the reverse order of onset. However, some symptoms may be skipped over along the path to complete recovery.

Edward F. Block IV, PhD

The Human Body-Field Project